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Another state fair attack

August 6, 2011

A thread on the board reads “Obama’s World: Black Mob Attacks Whites at State Fair in Wisconsin”. The story:
What’s alarming is this commentary by the article’s owner, apparently:

Again, this is what was feared by many people, if we elected a black President. That is not a racist statement; it is fact.  It was feared that Blacks would feel superior and emboldened and that would lead to the feeling that they had the right to attack White people. Now, we see it happening.

Do I believe that this is coming to the rest of America? You better believe it. I really feel that this will happen, if Obama happens to lose the 2012 election or loses the primary.

It then suggests people arming themselves.

Months ago, something similar happened in Iowa, and the police received a call saying they were chanting “It’s ‘Beat Whitey Night’!” but “could not find the origin of information“. So they were hesitant to conclude it as a “hate crime”.

People on the discussion board lashed out at these officials; one concluding “The police chief is an idiot, and has caved to PC behavior”. Turns out that that was unfounded, and the Aryan Nation group got involved in it, to “answer the call of white people”, and they appeared to be the ones insisting the term was being shouted.

This latest story, I have not heard enough details on to determine whether it was doctored like the Iowa story. Like who are these individuals claiming the gang only attacked whites? I did see by following links that there was an earlier demonstration against the governor. The people in that demonstration appeared to be white, but from one person I have spoken to who lives in Wisconsin, a lot of people really don’t like him. That is where that whole labor showdown occurred, you may recall. So I could see it being connected somehow.

Back on the board, someone comments that this is what happens from people like Sharpton and Jackson telling these kids all their lives that all their problems are “whitey’s fault”.

I was really hoping that we were in the process of moving into a new era, where race was no longer really relevant, but sometimes it looks like we are going backwards now. The fact that I keep hearing “blacks” and “whites” sometimes makes it sound like we are back in the 60’s, at least. All of this race resentment being stirred, when blacks do something bad, and then white conservatives are like “see…!” (and vice versa, too). Both sides rabblerousing (though I haven’t been hearing from Jackson or Sharpton or others lately, so it seems now the rabblerousing is one sided for the moment.

Finished both The New Jim Crow and Sword of the Lord, and have to finish doing the reviews on them.


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