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OK, here are a few who want to be nice for a change

August 16, 2011

This is nice of them, but as some have pointed out elsewhere, that this in itself will not solve all our problems. You could take all their money, they say, and it still wouldn’t pay off our debt.

Still, there’s just something lopsided about the system, where we operate under a premise of “scarcity”, yet there is abundance out there, but concentrated in certain places, by a hypothetical entity called “the market”.

The amny article states “Republican lawmakers, however, don’t want any tax increases, arguing that the wealthy drive the economy by creating jobs and investing“. But they’re not, now. And the blame, according to these Republicans, is that we’re taxing them too much as it is, and are basically becoming”socialistic”. so the question I pose nearly every day now, how much more are we supposed to give them, for them to create more jobs and invest, again?

Poll results at post time happen to show many others feel the same way:

Yes — They should pay as much as the rest of us (259)


No — It would be bad for business (31)


Whatever it takes to fix the economy, let’s do it (51)


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