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Small neighborhood hospital SEVEN-figure CEO as example of lopsided “market”

August 16, 2011

Prime example of the sorts of things I believe are ignored and defended in conservative rhetoric:

The chairman of the board offers somewhat lower seven-figure salaries she had made as the reason as the “defense”, topped off with the typical answer of “market rate”.

So it’s the market then, that determines that institutions like that everywhere should struggle, cut back,and possibly close, while the CEO’s ride off somewhere else, set for life. Is this what we really all want? No, but this is not seen as at least a part of the problem. So according to conservatives, just because she is on a payroll with a title, she automatically “deserves” all of it, and if things are tight, we must look elsewhere for the cause.

Of course, if we would only keep giving them more, the pie would get “bigger” for everyone else. But since right now, it isn’t, it’s the poor’s fault (including the workers affected by this; likely all “union slugs”), for not working hard enough and taking the “risks” and “pulling themselves up”, like she did, and instead using the government to “get something for nothing”.

Nobody anywhere at this time is proposing caps or any other sort of regulation, besides taxes. And they have gained, and seem to be keeping, the “breaks” they have gotten in that area! Yet, defenders of this are all still screaming that we are becoming “socialist”, and that its the “lazy” who are getting all the money, and leaving hard working “ants” like this destitute.

What more do they want? Slavery back? (The way this is going, with such people making more and more and more, and everyone making less, and less jobs and services, that’s what it almost looks like we are heading towards). Well, we saw how that was connected to this, and the principle being defended to the present through the so-called “Lost Cause” that ultimately stemmed from defense of “the right” to financial greed. (Basically, one’s “freedom” at the expense of others).

So this is the epitome of the ridiculousness of the current system, and people’s defense of it.

I don’t know what exactly the solution to this is; government apparently isn’t the answer (people like this are often influential in government somehow, and government officials do the same things themselves), but people should at least be aware, and stop pointing blame towards the other end of the spectrum from this. But as we’ve seen in the topics of other recent entries, the whole tactic is to get the disenfranchised to blame those below themselves, so that these people can go unchallenged.

(At least the comments seem to be from those with similar sentiments, unlike other articles where the conservatives come out with their typical excuses or “stop being envious” jargon).


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