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Hybrid vehicle ride: Bote mon!

August 22, 2011

OK, I’ll start this “Interests” section by dumping off some old stuff from my main site

Is this thing a bus or a boat? BOTE!!!

HUH? Actually, it doesn’t make much sense in print, as it is a verbal pun that plays upon the West Indian accent. The way it goes, is that one person asks another “How did you come to this island? By boat or by plane?” The answer is pronounced (dictionary style): bôt’!!. Given the accent, it could actually be “boat”, or both, since that word is pronounced basically identically to “boat” (the final “th” degrades to just “t”). And the answer could be either word also! You could have come down just by boat, or you could have taken both a plane, let’s say, to Florida, and then a boat the rest of the way, as many travel packages offer. So it is completely ambiguous. (And I had to make up this new spelling for this word that could be either “boat”, or “both” …or whatever!) So this joke can be made for any other such ambiguous case involving a boat and another vehicle, and the perfect thing would be something that was actually “both” a boat and another vehicle at the same time —”bote” mon! And here we have it!

I had heard of hovercraft being developed that could glide over the surface of both land and water (they have that on Jonny Quest or some other cartoon), but I didn’t think they would actually have some sort of amphibious vehicle for passengers this soon! But it actually will drive right down a ramp off the streets into the Hudson River, do a little loop, and then come back, and do a loop through midtown! Have to try this sometime! Coach USA NY Splash Tours

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