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Bank industry excess gaining attention

September 18, 2011

On the last day of my vacation, my wife and I decide to watch Inside Job (about year late).

It just further highlights the folly of those who think all the money in the economy is going only to “wasteful government spending” (with a focus on “social programs”), or that “the rich” we complain of all “deserved” it through nothing but “honest hard work”, and that we’re just “coveting” what’s “theirs”.

As we see, this goes beyond even simple, general “CEO Pay” (of any company), as is often focused on. It is the specific banking industry where a lot of the money is going, and the greed complained about elsewhere is epitomized.

The same day we watched this, the demonstrations of this group fill the news; echoing what the movie was exposing.

I really hope this is a sign of people finally becoming wise to this stuff.

Also found this today:


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  1. Wow, in just a few weeks, the “Occupy Wall Street” movement has really taken off! I had no idea it would go this long, and spread this far (around the country, and now I’m hearing, around the world), and these days, also moving uptown, to where the rich live. (But also erupting in unrest at times, and the biggest news now is trying to get them out of the park they started out in, and allow them back in only under a nwe set of stricter rules).

    The conservative response, of course, is that these people are just “whiners” who are “lazy and unproductive”, and the Christians will add “coveting what others have”. Of course, this ignores all that has been pointed out (like in the first link, above, and on and If you think it’s all”their money”, then YOU offer to sell YOUR whole self to domination by them! I hope people respond directly to that typical, old rhetoric.

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