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Why they are Protesting II (And did the nation’s Founders REALLY favor corporatism?)

October 22, 2011

Someone in a political discussion linked to this:
Are the Wall Street Protesters Us?By Bill O’Reilly

In other words, these folks want our stuff.

Throughout history, there have always been human beings who did not want to compete in the marketplace. And that sentiment drives a hatred of capitalism. The American economic system is a meritocracy. If you work hard and do well in your job, you will usually prosper, providing you practice patience. If you don’t work hard and smart, you will be out on your keister, unless a union saves you. Some believe that this survival of the fittest system is unfair because all people are not born with equal aptitude. And that’s true. Capitalism is not fair to everyone. But it gives the largest amount of folks the best chance to succeed because there are many different routes to prosperity, and some disinterested bureaucrat isn’t standing around calling the economic shots.

I respect dissent, but not stupidity. Do these anti-capitalistic folks ever read a newspaper or a history book? Greece and the other European countries are collapsing under entitlement debt, and the entire world is suffering economically because of it.

Generally speaking, the “Occupy Wall Street” crew is comprised of bored morons who want handouts.

Typical deflection.
Even though many of those people might think government control or redistribution is the solution; he still shouldn’t dismiss the whole cause as “trying to get something from us” (notice, “us”, where O’Reilly identifies himself as part of the group people are trying to “get something” from. “Us” can’t mean everyone, for the protesters are not protesting everyone; only the “1%”, remember!

He then parrots the typical Social Darwinistic message of “survival of the fittest”, that it’s just “hard work”, even if one has an advantage; and that it’s “unfair”, but nevertheless benefits more people. But the people they are complaining about are draining the economy, not benefitting it. The Tea Party complains about this same “unfairness” of others getting something they think was rightfully theirs, but simply blames it on someone different (like blaming the president for the bailouts, and that the poor and the unions are the ones benefitting from it all).

But we’re not even talking about just a simple “unfairness”, nor gain by simple honest hard work.
Look at the object of their complaints, as you can see again here:

It focuses mostly on the bailouts and other forms of “corporate welfare”, with the banks often being mixed up in (or at least influencing) government.
Is having to be bailed out “hard work” and “doing well in your job”? Isn’t this what they criticize the poorer people they call “nonworking” and “lazy” for? Why is it OK if you have some stature in society?
So the money is already being “redistributed”; they just see an upward flow as “natural”, and then scream about a [largely exaggerated] downward flow, to keep everyone distracted.
Is this guy being paid by Wall St. or what?

Afterwards, someone started discussions linking to these interesting articles:
Corporatism Is Not Capitalism: 7 Things About The Monolithic Predator Corporations That Dominate Our Economy That Every American Should Know

What The Founding Fathers Thought About Corporations

That last one really calls into question conservatives’ claim to represent the original constitutional values the country was founded upon; (and thus, by extension, that everyone who questions this system as practiced today is an “enemy” of America!)

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