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More articles on OWS (Is the nation finally getting wise to the game?)

November 1, 2011

It seemed the liberals were always trying to follow up on conservative movements, but with little sucess. Rush and the oher talk radio hosts were to be matched by Franken’s Air America, but that kept failing; and the Tea Party was to be paralleled by the Coffee Party. You don’t really hear about that much either.

But now, it seems that the true match to the Tea Party is this OWS movement!


Some more good articles:
Great report, with dozens of charts showing just what is really going on here!

This perfectly sums up the attitude of many conservative debaters (including some I have tangled with):

Generational angle of it:

Now the other side fires back:

They basically divide it up as 53% vs 47%, and I believe this is based on the common Right wing claim that nearly 50% pay no taxes.
So they see this “vast horde” of “lazy grasshoppers” they forever complain about as making them carry their weight, as embodied in the OWS protesters, and now fire with these photographic shots (apparently a spoof of the similarly formatted “We are the 99%” tumblr page), consisting largely of sob stories of how they had it hard, and struggle, but nevertheless “pulled themselves up”, and made it, and without “whining” and “trying to take what someone else has earned”. (If you spoof their “whining”, and it is a serious claim you are making, then you are “whining” jut the same as they are!)

A lot of self-righteous assumption of one’s own achievements and what someone else really wants (supposedly from them). And the same deflection. They can’t even be creative about it.

Obviously, just spewing the same old junk the 1% tells them to, in order to protect their own necks.
They still don’t get it. (And they don’t want to). Most of those people are not trying to get OTHER MIDDLE CLASS TAXPAYERS‘ money (Note how this “53% identifies with the “1%” seeing both groups as the same entity with the same common enemy; perhaps, again, it’s really the 1% themselves writing this stuff), and from what I have seen, it is not so much even “give us someone’s money”.
Once again; it’s ONLY government’s fault. That’s who the 99% or 47% should be blaming. But they are, —along with the “private” people controlling the government (in one way or another). But including them only proves one is trying to steal their hard “earned” money!

People accuse OWS of promoting “class warfare”, but conservative rhetoric is promoting this “class war” more than anyone else, when they begin lumping any and all detractors as just a bunch of lazy whiners who simply don’t try hard enough, or a “47% trying to get our money”, etc.

A joke being passed around:

“The Tea Party says ‘We want to keep what we have earned.’ The OWS says ‘We want to keep what you have earned.'”

But were the bailouts “earned”? And all the other government assisted corruption?
I hope the protesters really answer this stuff good, and that the good articles debunking this stuff keep coming. It’s well about time!

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