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Chicken Scratch Day!

November 11, 2011

I see all the hoopla about the date 11/11/11.

I actually had waited for the date as far back as the 90’s. I was a data entry clerk, and had to key in six digit dates. When you had a date with numbers like 11’s, it was easier/quicker to type. I then figured the easiest day of all would be 11/11/11. (Call it “chicken scratch day”!)

However, in lieu of the Y2K scare, we switched to newer systems using four digit years.
Then, I left that job.
Plus, I realized even if I was still there, the day is a holiday and the office is closed!

Oh, well…

All that happened for me was that I got a bad sinus infection.

I never even knew anyone placed any other kind of significance on it, as I see the news stories and all. I did notice several movies are opening on the day. (They flash the date significantly in their ad posters). I guess the number just catches the attention.


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