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Examining “cutting the deficit” rhetoric

December 22, 2011

Makes a lot of interesting points. It’s true that we ALL in this society want more, and then seek to blame others for why we have to struggle, and want all the “cuts” we scream for to be taken from someone else. But in [apparent] “fairness” to the rich, and thus, “Sooner or later, however, we’re all going to have to give.” it ignores the illusion of scarcity, and I just could imagine giving up our tax deductions, raising the retirement age, even cutting education, and nothing much still changing. It could yet again be the supposedly “most deserving” being the least affected. We’ll all work longer and pay more taxes, just to make things a little better, but the argument is that the rich already work longer and pay more taxes, so they’ll “deservedly” get off scott free.

All of this does not address the widening gap, which it seems none bu the Occupiers wants to see as a big part of an illusion of scarcity.

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