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A very alarming commentary on race relations

March 27, 2012

Ran across this article:, and it’s in the comments (Which seemed to be dominated by white supremacists, and this on a hip-hop site!) where you see numerous posts calling blacks “monkeys”, and get a load of these:

“blacks are the disgusting race the creator created. (kevin February 4th, 2012)
“They are the most useless race the creator has ever made a mistake on!! I am not sorry to say this but I wish blacks were wiped off this planet!! I’ve had many bad experiences with blacks. Yes every race has its problems but the majority of blacks ARE a problem.” (John on 31 December 2011)

“ur a fucking nigger get over it!! dont walk down the street ? really? dont get lynched u stupid nigger,,WE run america not you..we let a nigger in office to shut u fucking spookes up” (rhino: March 23rd, 2011 at 3:19 am)

“The majority of black people are classless, selfish, sub-humans, they care for no one but themselves and will screw over anyone and everybody, and they will literally take candy from a baby if it will help them. If by some miracle (or more likely a govt program) they get a job, it won’t last as they are the laziest damn people on this planet. About the only peace and quiet we non-black people get from them is right around the 1st of the month when they get their govt checks in the mail and retreat into their homes to drink and use copious amounts of drugs.
If only we could travel back in time to the colonial days and tell those plantation owners and slave drivers that they will be doing irreparable harm to future generations by importing black people to America.

In no uncertain terms black people are ruining this country. We had one shot for them to actually become contributing members of society instead of leeches and that’s when Obama became President, but not even a black man having the most powerful position in this world could change them. They are doomed and need to be taking out back and shot.”
(Nick on 2 February 2012)

This stuff is little different than some of what I’ve encountered in other conservative forums (including Christian ones), minus this more open vitriol. The same anger, resentment, blaming and denial is there, however!
(and I wonder if Nick is willing to admit any wrong on his ancestors, if they were so mistaken in bringing blacks to the country! Bet they never think of it that way!)

My response:
What I’m seeing here is outrageous! So blacks are nothing but “monkeys” who have contributed nothing to the world, and of course, drained the US. And this from the same sort of ilk who always complain that a “race card” is being played on them, and that racism was so long ago, so why aren’t we over it.
And now, we see that even the Creator is “mistaken” for creating them! So now, people’s worship of themselves above God is becoming more obvious (that’s what it really is) with you and all your culture’s “achievements”. I’ve never seen so much hubris! But you can say that to His face, and then see who’s mistaken! (And you pit everyone else against blacks, like everyone else is up to par, and only the blacks are faltering, but you really believe you’re superior to them all).

You get to blame the results of your scarcity-premised corporatist system on blacks while scolding them for blaming their problems on others!
After all, the rich “deserve” it all, because their name is on a payroll with a title, so their being bailed out and using the money for $89,000 pheasant hunts and million dollar birthday parties doesn’t count. They deserve it, no matter what, because they’re our heroes; representing our superior system and it can’t ever be to blame. No; it’s just Obama’s fault for bailing them out. (Corporate welfare was always right and “the American way” when Republicans did it).
On one hand, blacks are so inferior and helpless animals, yet, they have such an effect on society, and have ALL the money! (As the late Carl T Rowan said in the apparently aptly named The Coming Race War, if that were the case, they should be worshipped a the rightful rulers!)

It’s just the projection of one’s own evil:
They see blacks as “lazy”, while they themselves as well as the rich, “work hard”. But then what do they do afterward? Decadent leisure. The only difference is that they “worked first, then played”. Or, in their moralistic jargon, “delayed gratification”. There may be some virtue to that, but it has become self-righteousness, and often used to justify ridiculous compensation, while the resultant economic disparity is blamed on the poor.
They see them as animals, but look at how their ancestors plundered and pillaged and conquered, and treated the captives. (Which is justified on the captive being “barbarous animals”) So if the captives were monkeys, then the captors were wolves and jackals and vultures! Doesn’t sound any better to me!

Yes, blacks have a lot of problems, but the solution is not self-righteous fingerpointing, tossing around of often skewed numbers to prove one’s own preconceived bias, etc. As Carl Jung said: “If you imagine someone who is brave enough to withdraw all his projections, then you get an individual who is conscious of a pretty thick Shadow [all his own evil]. Such a man…is now unable to say that they do this or that, they are wrong, and they must be fought against. Such a man knows that whatever is wrong in the world is in himself”.

(And I’m coming to learn this as I respond to such trash! Life is hard and we all want what we want, and I confess a jealousy towards conservatives because they are such good complainers and blamers —even while scolding others for precisely those things; but at least their complaining gets heard, and they get more of what they want, yet keep complaining as if they didn’t. This is how they sway the nation, and the liberals are not as good at answering).

What’s even more alarming, is how this is hip-hop site, and thus garbage has been allowed to flood the whole page (and keep in mind, it has to be approved; wonder if white supremacist and radical conservative sites don’t allow their opponents so much space!), and there doesn’t seem to be as much good response to it. (There is some though). Where’s all the black rage? The reason we have stuff like Trayvon is because people believe this stuff about the race and no one answers it.

Before encountering this, I had been thinking more in terms of race, and maybe whether I had been a bit naive in thinking race was less relevant today than it is. You see more and more the reverse charge that blacks are the biggest racists, which is of course more of the people throwing their own sin onto someone else. But I have seen some deep seated resentment, particularly from some older people.

So what I had written down was:
I want to believe that people are just people, and not have to suspect the entire white race of harboring some deep seated racism (whether conscious or unconscious).
But (aside from the rhetoric of many conservatives, which often are based on racial assumptions or overgeneralizations), people speak of institutionalized racism (the drug war is a big example), and an engrained sense of “privilege”. I see privilege as tied more to economics now (which was at the root even of slavery, initially!) Yet there’s still examples I’m given like ACS (where white children are reportedly placed in homes more quickly, while others remain in the system longer), and the general image of blonde and/or straight hair versus black hair. Even by blacks! These images remain in the public consciousness, even though many openly disclaim racism.

Whites; especially liberal ones, feel a lot has been achieved in race relations, yet obviously have some amount of guilt feelings (reacted to in the liberals by a traditionally altruistic stance, and in coservatives by denial and reverse blame) so they cannot figure out what blacks still want. (Hence conservatives’ backlashing with charges of “whining” and “trying to get something for nothing” from them, and even some liberals reportedly thinking “we tried to help them and they don’t appreciate it, nor are helped by it” and then becoming more conservative).
Then, you have the conservative charge that the liberals are rigging these “handout” programs to “keep minorities enslaved” (dependent on the system) and also “buy their votes”.

People should be given a chance, at least; the benefit of the doubt, first.
When I look around at people, like these hipsters today, for instance, I doubt they are walking around thinking “I’m white; I’m privileged”. If any have a sense of privilege, it would be more from background. Like in their grandparents’ generation, they were privileged because of race, and their kids were used to the privilege, even as they may have been the generation that questioned racial inequity, and even rebelled against their upbringing. So they likewise passed down to their children privilege.
What we call “privilege”, the person possessing it takes for granted and sees as normal sustenance. That’s how humans are; whatever they have becomes “standard” or less, and the goal is to gain more. So they don’t think of themselves as “privileged”; let alone because of race.

That they may go along with some subconscious belief should not be used against them. It can be pointed out, but if we rail against them and lump it in as “the same old racism”, they will likely just become defensive.

People tend to think of themselves and their group more than others.
People are individuals and cannot always be held responsible for their group.


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