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Alternate Hex Codes

May 1, 2012

I never liked how the standard hexadecimal codes use A-F to represent 10-15. Because of the concept of alphabetic integers (link above), those to me represent 1-6. So I would have picked up the alphabet with the tenth letter. This would make it easier to figure out the decimal value, since I would think “10-15” when reading the letters:
A=J; B=K; C=L; D=M; E=N
Problem is, the next and 15th letter is “O” which looks like a “0” (zero) already used as an integer, of course. So I looked into other schemes. You can skip it and go to “P”, substitute another letter like “X”. or perhaps keep it as “F” (which in RGB color codes I tend to read as “full’ as in “fully on” as representing 255 and the highest value. However, F0 and especially 0F fo not represent that). But I would like to keep the letters in sequence (like is for some reason the base would someday be increased, for instance).

I also looked into using other characters. Many of the ones on the keyboard already have other uses in computer code, so they wouldn’t be good. Many others aren’t on the keyboard, but then they would be complicated to type. (Alt codes). I thought of the Euro (€), which is being added to many keyboards, but it’s too much like a “E”. If it looked more like an “F”, I would compromise. One idea is a ready-made “15” in a bullet or circle as a single character ⑮: U+246E; ⒂: U+2482. But then for that, we might as well use them for 10-14 as well. That might be a better idea, except that those characters are compact and do not look as different as different letters. I would think the best idea would be a simple 7/8 block (can’t use full block because they would attach to one another creating a bar): ▉ (U+2589). So then, the smallest value would be “0”, and the highest would be “▉” evoking binary! (0 and 1).

Some HTML codes from (the original page this is from) would look like: body bgcolor=”#600020″ text=”#▉▉▉▉▉▉” link=”#0080▉▉” vlink=”#8020L0″ (default vlink on other pages=”#551j8k”) alink=”#▉▉0000″ orange: FONT COLOR=”#▉▉J000 light gray: “#JJJJJJ” light blue:
“#80L0L0” background color of my christian Index: “#n0m0m0”
(Another problem I have realized is that hex values are often written in lowercase, and the “l” (L) looks like 1).

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