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Cartoon Network playing live action? Boomerang playing new shows? What’s going on?

May 1, 2012

Seeing the Cartoon Network Goosebumps promotional a few years ago, plus several other live action shows and movies in recent years, there has been an uproar among cartoon fans on the Toon Zone forum. Meanwhile, “retro”-oriented sister station Boomerang gets all of this new stuff, like What’s New Scooby Doo, and (gasp!) Baby Looney Tunes (Which many of us did not like at all, as the “younger versions of cartoon stars” fad was 20 years ago, and Looney Tunes’ entry in that phenomenon was Tiny Toons —which we are not seeing at all, now! It was Muppet Babies that started that, and this new one was a clear ripoff of that show).
The new Scooby was only about two years old when it moved from CN to BOOM, and Baby Looney Tunes was started on BOOM right after its debut on CN, along with a new Gerald McBoingboing series and some others, in some new young kids block called “Tickle U”. For a while, it was feared Boomerang would be replaced by a new channel for young kids. Now, all of the new Justice League shows come to BOOM as soon as they finish runs on CN. Boomerang has become the dumping ground for these “inbetween” shows that are now not new or popular enough to remain on CN, but are by no means “classic cartoons” that are “coming back to you” (Boomerang’s slogan). (—And as CN replaces them with stuff that are not even cartoons!) I was happy to see Boomerang, which ended with 80’s programs, finally move into the 90’s, as the early 90’s was still apart of the traditional Saturday morning experience, though that was the very end of it as cable stations like CN rendered it obsolete. It is nice to see Dexter and Johnny Bravo again, and to me they have become sort of “new classics”, though some other people think they are too new.

My first suggestion to others on the board has been that they should reopen TBS and TNT to kids’ programming blocks, and then move both of the new cartoons bumped from CN as well as any live action shows, over there. It was always nice having TBS and TNT in addition to CN. They were staples of early cable cartoon watching. You could catch Looney Tunes several times a day back in the day. Then all of a sudden both stations dropped cartoons for good.
It seems Cartoon Network wants to be like Nickelodeon. A kids’ channel not specifically for cartoons. They are probably doing all of this to compete with them. Probably Noggin, Disney, etc. as well. So another idea is to just swap the programming of CN and Boomerang; or swap the names of the current stations, since one is already set on basic cable and the other is not.
So The current Boomerang would become Cartoon Network (not CN2 as people used to suggest, as it would now not be necessary), and then what is now CN would be given a new name. Perhaps it could be the Kids WB Network since that is being retired.

The gain is that the channel called “Cartoon Network” would thus have Boomerang’s current programming, and would be just like CN was 10 years ago, in its heyday, with its mix of classic cartoons, and newer stuff (which many of us miss). They could then even bring back more of the classic promos from then! (Boo Boo Baba Dee Dee, Cartoon Network Rap, etc). It would not matter how new the programs sent over were anymore. So while at it, they could send the next batch of Cartoon Cartoons over (such as Power Puff Girls, also Ed, Edd & Eddy, Cartoon Planet, early Space Ghost Coast to Coast before it became more adult oriented, etc.) “Boomerang” could go back to being a programming block, just like it originally was when CN first began! The other channel would have CN’s current lineup, with the live action shows and movies, the new stuff (I don’t even follow all of that stuff, but their mainstays, such as Foster’s Home, Adult Swim etc).

It obviously seems the “CN-new cartoons; Boomerang-classic cartoons” format is not working for them the way they wish. So perhaps it is time to revamp the whole thing. It is certainly better than having these programs that do not fit either network’s intended theme.

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