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May 1, 2012

OK, this is a major shakeup of all my web space. I’ve been breaking up, realizing that the clusters of articles on the main pages there is basically too cluttered, so I had begin by making separate pages for major essays, and now, I decided to drop a bunch of them here, and list everything to date, by category.

Entertainment and media


Personality, Typology and the Human Experience

Math, Science and Technicalities

Travel and Transit


Christian Doctrine

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  1. Update, as of 8-14:

    Entertainment and Media


    Math, Science and Technicalities

    Travel and Transit:


  2. The more active categories:


    Christian Doctrine

  3. Personality and Typology

    •Enigmatic Types

    •Various Typological and Life Experience Thoughts

    •Jesus Christ INFJ/XXXX Analysis

    Subcategory: The Human Experience

  4. Systems vs Individuals and the balance of power and the role of “meaning” The Human Experience 2016/02/21

    Book Review: Robert Reich “Beyond Outrage” Politics 2016/02/13

    Political matrix is actually 3D Politics 2016/01/17

    Gender equality creates long needed “gender neutral” pronoun The Human Experience 2016/01/10

    “Blackness” as a negative archetype Politics, The Human Experience

    What should we “just” do to make the world a better place? Personality and Typology, Politics 2015/11/18

    Book Review: “Dog Whistle Politics” Politics 2015/11/01

    Why Mirrors Reverse Left and Right but Not Up and Down Math, Science and Technicalities 2015/10/26

    What is this thing called “type” anyway? (New Introduction to the theory) Personality and Typology 2015/10/23

    Slavery as the “ideal” system Politics 2015/10/03

    Pretzel Emotions: A musical journey through the images of life Entertainment and media, The Human Experience 2015/09/18

    A New Look at the “Survival Instinct” The Human Experience 2015/09/16

    Ten Common Arguments in the Race Issue (short version) Politics 2015/09/15

    Game Review: Pacman 256 (The endless maze; Beware the Glitch) Entertainment and media 2015/08/26

    Who Really Isn’t a “Racist”? Why it still seems there’s so much “superiority” around us Politics, The Human Experience 2015/08/15

    On whether poverty can ever be solved Politics 2015/08/08

    What is meant by Patriotism? Politics 2015/08/08

    Barna Polls and Spirituality Christian Doctrine 2015/07/08

    Duggar controversy and the battle over who has “morals” and can judge “morality” Christian Doctrine, Politics 2015/05/25

    The Grossly Lopsided Nature of Conservatives’ “Discussions” on Race Politics 2015/05/17

    A Gaslight unto my feet? Christian Doctrine, Politics 2015/02/18

    Islamic vs Christian terrorism Controversy Politics 2015/02/18

    “Laws of the Universe”, “Objectivism”, and tough talk (or “Why I’m Critical of Secular Self-help”) The Human Experience 2015/01/17

    Do Electric Cars add More Pollution? Math, Science and Technicalities 2014/12/27

    A land trip to the North Pole (or as close as you can get) Interests 2014/12/04

    Taking it Again From the Top: Functions from their Generic Roots Personality and Typology 2014/11/30

    Hudson River to Hudson Bay (or Polar Express, canoe version) Interests, Travel and Transit 2014/11/27

    Bringing Graphic Entertainment to Life: the 3D Revolution Entertainment and media, Interests, The Human Experience 2014/11/17

    Controversies of Muslims Worshiping in Churches with Christians Christian Doctrine 2014/11/16

    Which is the true “Opposite” Type? Personality and Typology 2014/11/15

    Realizing vs Inquiring : the NiSe vs NeSi difference in my experience and in others’ observations Personality and Typology 2014/11/15

    Ordering vs Aligning: the Te/Fi vs Ti/Fe difference in my experience and self-help teaching Personality and Typology 2014/11/15

    Nardi “Neuroscience of Personality” Review Personality and Typology 2014/10/04

    Presuppositionalism Christian Doctrine 2014/09/24

    The Rob Bell controversy and search for alternatives to Hell Christian Doctrine 2014/09/24

    Numbered Streets in New England? Interests, Travel and Transit 2014/09/12

    What is NYC’s real “Main Street”? Interests, Travel and Transit 2014/09/10

    The Real Cause of all the Hatred Toward Obama Politics 2014/09/10

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