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Nerd’s Revenge: Gates’ Entry in Generational Fingerpointing Rhetoric

June 23, 2012

Saw this a few years ago, and now, a fellow Transit worker posted it on Facebook. (And it seemed the others agreed).
This should be posted in all schools and work places

My comment:

Sounds like Right Wing propaganda to me. (Even though I think I heard he votes or at least supports the Democrats). Too much figerpointing at young generations (just like religious fundamentalists years ago, when they were doing nothing but bashing “modern” society). It’s like “we were all so good, virtuous, hard working, etc. and you people [today; but you could just as easily substitute race or class groups, as was often done at times] are bad, lazy, whiners, spoiled, etc”.
Ever think how they got that way? They didn’t just up and create themselves, you know!
And people like Gates, or at least their political spokesmen, whine and say “unfair!” when their taxes go up, and then blame all of this (plus, rising prices. lower quality, lack of jobs, etc.) on others (all these “whiners” trying to “get something” from them).

Sorry for the rant, but then look at it this way: as far as they’re concerned, these “whiners” include US; middle class union workers! If you listen to the rhetoric long enough, this will come out. (It’s one thing when we think they’re talking about someone else!) We always complain and want more (don’t we?), and they feel we don’t work hard enough either. If we want more, we should “pull our bootstraps and climb all the way up the ladder” like Gates. They’re the only ones seen as “deserving” more, and the way things are going, they’re the only ones who’ll be able to live decently in this country.

Life is hard enough (and they always ignore how many things have gotten HARDER since our grandparent’s generation; those burger flipping jobs now often become dead ends rather than “opportunities”!) without this self-righteous fingerpointing. It’s just a distraction (like from the reasons WHY things are getting harder!) Part of life’s difficulty is that we’re all subject to stuff beyond our control, like Timing, Talent, and Temperament. It’s not just that some are more virtuous than others!

(And I find it funny how the “nerd” is now talking almost like a bully! I guess it’s supposed to be “payback”, but there are other nerds who were not as fortunate as him, and it’s not all their own “laziness” or whatever).

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  1. Here’s a good article on this forever skewed perception of generations:

    Are kids today spoiled and undisciplined?

    The problem arises because every generation seems to hold itself as “par” and then think younger generations are more “spoiled”. They realize that things are getting easy (especially with technology, like those “I had to carry barrels of oil uphill in the winter” stories), but don’t realize that at the same time life is getting harder in many ways. (More competition, the same technology that makes thing easier also leads to more dangers like security breaches, etc).

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