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Who’s REALLY playing the “Race Card”?

October 25, 2012

I saw this circulated on Facebook recently, from the conservative side: Matthews claims Romney supporters fueled by racial hatred of Obama 

I also found this, from the liberal side, which I had missed, from the summer:

My comment (reflecting many of the comments in the first link as well) was:
They don’t realize that it’s not just their criticism of his policies that is garnering this (they’re pretty similar to all the other liberals); but the total disrespect; the stuff they call him (Zero, etc), the “worst president in history”,* looking for him to be “Gone” this year AS SOON AS HE GOT IN, FOUR YEARS AGO (NEVER seen this done with ANY other president), the birtherism, etc. Not just the individual incidents, but all of this taken together. What picture does it paint?

*It was understandable that Jimmy Carter would be tarnished by some as the “worst president in history”, because he looked really bad because of the Iran hostage crisis, and then as soon as he got out, Reagan ended it. But Obama is frequently compared to him, with a memes such as the one saying Carter is glad he got in, because he’s no longer the worst. Meanwhile, in quite contrast to Carter, he goes on to eliminate the country’s worst individual enemy, perhaps in history. But the “worse than Carter” rhetoric persisted.

Conservatives, especially Christians generally believed that the US President should be respected, especially based on Romans chapter 13, and this did notably begin to slip away with Clinton, because of his image as an ultraliberal “hippie”-generation kid, but they really, really, really hate Obama, in a fashion that would be condemned as unChristian by their earlier standards. I have seen more Christians say in no uncertain terms, “He has never been and never will be MY president“! Where does this come from?
We have even been having a few effigies of him being hanged now! And we’re not supposed to say the hatred of him; the whole sentiment being expressed, is racist?

Just what has he done to earn all this? They will say Obamacare, and the economy, but this hatred was there even before he had the chance to implement that program or make good on fixing the economy. (Like Rush saying on his first day in office that he hopes he fails).
They say they would like a black Republican candidate who has policies they like, but isn’t it funny the way Cain was gotten out of the race?

Then, some of the most hostile critics, at least on politics forums, have been calling him a “pathological liar”. But what politician doesn’t break promises? How about Bush Sr. “Read my lips; NO NEW TAXES“. Or Romney, in the debates, doing a total turnaround on policies such as tax breaks for the rich, and abortion? (Termed “Romnesia“). What has Obama lied about so much more than everyone else?
And of course, no one buys the point that the Republicans have hampered his aim to improve the economy by opposing him at every turn. It’s like with that, plus him inheriting the problems from Bush, “NO! No excuse; he promised to turn the economy around; now where is it? See; he’s the worst!” (Yet they had no qualms saying that Republicans were unable to do what they promised, such as reducing government or improving morality, because the liberals had messed things up so much, and the Congress under their control opposed them!)
Is it really hard to believe that some of these people always blocking him might be double-binding him intentionally? Of course, you can’t prove or disprove it one way or the other.

People are ignoring that there is a strong subconscious element to things like this. What are some really trying to insinuate?

One of y’all finally got in, and see; he was ‘the worst in history’! It’s just ‘the facts‘. Now you have had your day; give us our country back”.
This seems to be what people want.

Why would this be unconscious? Because many out there only grudgingly ‘endured’ the changes that ended racism, and have lambasted the “nation’s direction” (politically and “morally”) ever since. (With terms such as “political correctness”, “multiculturalism” or the overblown focus on welfare; much of which is basically “code” language!)
The legal racism ended, but many people never really accepted this correction. It made their forefathers and the system they set up look bad. (And many people you see in old black& white footage of 60’s unrest are still alive, and in behind-the-scenes positions of influence!) As this site: points out: “Barack Obama governs a nation enlightened enough to send an African American to the White House, but not enlightened enough to accept a black man as its president.”

So they just suppressed their sentiments (thus, it entered “the Shadow”), and yet it still seeps out in disguised forms, and festers, and occasionally erupts in different ways. Unconscious means they most likely aren’t even aware of it; since they have so convinced themselves that they are too “good” to ever be guilty of something seen as “bad”.
However, they keep bashing the societal changes and “political correctness” paradigm that has decried it as so bad in the first place. So what is that really implying? If the progressives are so wrong about everything else, (including “multiculturalism”, and even what they call “egalitarianism”), then maybe they were wrong about the people being equal altogether, and deserving of the rights of life and freedom (and this has even come up in issues such as that “Bell Curve” attempt; let’s not forget). Everything past society did was right, basically. But don’t play the “card” on them!

So they just cannot own it. Thus, they project it (this is what we do with our shadows). So all they have done is blame others, and claim that their opponents are the real racists, the real ones with the “entitlement mentality”, and all we have heard from them for decades is we’re the good guys and everyone is trying to take what’s rightfully ours.

So this is all part of the aim to prove this country was totally good in the past, and all the advances made are bad, because there’s just something wrong with those people, and this president proves it.

It might not be the average Republican voters who feel this way, but there are a lot of others mixed in with them who have made it clear how they feel about blacks, and they know how to rally others up without making that part of their agenda obvious. So they try to hide behind what they call “fact”. It’s been a definite tactic, after racism became politically incorrect. You can see my outline of this (based on a book that lays it out), here: Review: “The New Jim Crow” « “ERIPEDIA”

(Also, it’s common to point out how the Democratic Party used to be more racist, and that’s true, but as someone mentioned and the outline in the link clearly shows, there was a big move called the Southern Strategy, which is what drove a lot of those racists from the Democrat party to the Republicans, when the Democrats began opening up to civil rights in the 60’s).

Romney’s “47%” comment (which thankfully gave him some campaign race trouble when the off-the-record comment was nevertheless recorded and published) is just the outpouring of the festering of “lazy grasshopper” type rhetoric that has been passing around among Reaganites and the Limbaugh crowd and others for the past 3 decades. People may not be able to answer for them, but you can listen to, support and allow yourself to be influenced by their rhetoric (maybe even not recognizing the obvious-to-others codes), but then you will end up tagged along with them, when the “card” gets played. But as was said, it’s actually this group that plays the card, when it is convenient to them, and confident the “facts” are on their side.

And just look at this little doozy, apparently from months ago (don’t know how this was missed):

And le’t also not ignore the more direct reference, that to vote for Obama again is to “re-nig“! Again, don’t play the race card on them!

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