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Defining the Race Issue: What Should We Want?

April 9, 2013

This gives the different perspectives on what racism really is, as perceived by the two main groups. This is important, because in much of the political rhetoric today, people are talking right past each other. And it seems Conservatives are now doing most of the talking, and taking the concerns black people still have, and interpreting it as this “incessant whining” over the past, and trying to get “freebies”.

If the blacks could get over the abuses of the past, it would prove this country’s history wasn’t so bad, and in fact was the “greatest in the world”. (Christians who get caught up in this political rhetoric see nothing wrong with such a man-glorifying view. This is why Reconstructionists emphasize Calvinism as one of the necessary pillars of this view. As much as that soteriology criticizes “man-glorifying views” of justification, the way they read it, it justifies superiority, because the people are “chosen” of God, so to them, He gets the “glory” for that superiority. And another of their pillars, “presuppositionalism”, further backs this up by dismissing any questioning of this logic).
So instead, they have to keep highlighting the flaws of these people, and bringing up the issue; even under the guise of claiming the other side is the one bringing up the issue too much. They are reacting to voices from decades ago, moreso than what most people are demanding now.

When you have a society founded upon evils such as colonialism, this cannot just be swept under the rug, forgotten as “irrelevant”, justified, rationalized, or otherwise disowned. Conservatives are so big on the notion of “national sins”, when highlighting more modern trends, but when it comes to those in the past, they think it totally doesn’t matter. Why is it wrong then for liberals to ignore or condone the “evils” of abortion, adultery, sloth, envy or homosexuality, then?
Patriotic conservatives want no consequences at all for the past, and so blame everything wrong today on others, and then demand people stop “whining” or playing a “card” on them.

What they are really doing is basically fighting for the “honour” of ‘traditional American society’. It was founded on colonialism and slavery, with capitalism undergirding the whole system all along. So none of this can ever be admitted as wrong. The first two are simply downplayed as irrelevant today, and then we are deflected toward the inherent flaws of the descendants of the victims.

The last one is defended and used to further prove that something’s wrong with those not making it under the system.
Much of the rhetoric defending capitalism draws a striking parallel:

•We built up our civilization and military might, while you’re backwards, and just laying around this jungle, so we’re taking you as slaves. (Or taking your land and its resources). That is our God-given right, and you have no right to complain (i. e. getting “uppity”).
-The government is taking away our rights and destroying society (by ending slavery and later, segregation, and turning loose these inferior people on society).

•We’ve built up our business and economic might, while you made dumb mistakes or are just too lazy to pull yourselves up, so we’re taking all the money, while you struggle. That is our God-given right, and you have no right to complain (i. e. “whining”).
-The government is taking away our rights (the familiar complaints today. Add to this, “those people [are the ones who] have an ‘entitlement mentality’!”).

Patriotic conservatives want to personally identify with all of what they see as the good of US history and economics, but when it comes to slavery and racism, “I wasn’t around back then; don’t blame me; that’s the past!” Today’s economic problems are then blamed on everybody else.

They need to decide to either identify, and own both the good and the bad, or to dissociate. (Which is what the liberals have done; hence not being as patriotic).
The latter is more consistent with scripture, since God judges us as individuals, and our citizenship is supposed to be in His Kingdom anyway.

They often ask what we “want” from them. What’s really wanted is for them to let go of this glorification of history. And in turn, to stop blaming us for your national problems. (And this is what blacks who believe we should still “fight for equality” should focus on).

Either all men are created in the image of God [good], and all are fallen from that standard [bad], and equally prone to sins such as taking what’s not theirs, and degrading any culture they may create or be apart of (the stuff conservatives point at others as doing); or the very “Christian foundation” you appeal to is a sham. If the Gospel is simply about the battle between the “good” nation and the “bad” groups who need to be corralled before they ruin everything, with the works of the Law determining who’s who, then what did Christ die for? The people demanding Him to be crucified were right, then, because that was precisely their ideology).

As long as they hold onto that stuff, they will be defensive and lash back when ever their beliefs are challenged.

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  1. Here’s one showing the point.

    Blacks are just “angry” (and “behind” everyone else; all these other people who came to this country and made it), and black and liberal figures and organizations, along with Obama, have a conspiracy to make blacks hate America. In one fell sweep, this highlights the [some sort or another, but nevertheless “simply factual”] inferiority of blacks, and the victimization of the “honor” of the country. This sums up why the issue continues, and most of the noise is coming from the Right, not the blacks themselves.

    Rush really shows us here his whole set of underlying beliefs on the issue.
    He actually pins the whole housing mortgage crisis on ACORN and others! Never even heard that one before. An obvious issue that is more beyond race, into class, and this is the first time I’ve heard someone make it directly racial!
    (the commentators ask at the end “why” they would do this “conspiracy”, but it’s obvious, so the blacks can get handouts, and the liberals get their votes for it).

    Here’s another one on Rush (with Buchanan and another guy commenting; man, even Buchanan seems moderate compared to Rush!)

    The evil done in American history is not even denied; it’s just mentioning it at all or the mere belief that “the west has committed a lot of sins” or “done things unjustly” (as opposed to all the virtues; that we only became big because of “uniqueness” and “exceptionalism”, and “an environment of people focusing” on those negative things) that is seen as proving Obama is just getting “revenge” on America.

    Now let’s not forget, all of this uncritical defense of the nation, from someone who now says he’s ashamed of it! (See:

  2. A thought I considered adding to Makers vs Takers, but decided it was too much about my own perspective.

    What I’m genuinely annoyed about in this system so much is that it is so self-righteous. Whenever someone criticizes capitalism, it’s always assumed they must want socialism (and the same thing with libertarianism vs authoritarianism, and ignoring this as a separate dichotomy, try to link all authoritarianism with the Left, including fascism and Naziism, so that everything evil becomes Left), but it’s not that another system is more desired; but that we are in such denial of our flaws, and things can never be improved when we are like that.
    Slavery and totalitarian dictatorships alike, will come right out and say they are superior and taking over (and use force to maintain control). This system spends a lot of time pointing at them, and claiming to be so much BETTER, but ultimately does the same things, but masks it under the banner of “freedom”, which then becomes the perfect vehicle to accuse those who don’t make it as being lazy or inferior.)

  3. The Best Explanation I’ve Ever Heard Of Why Black People And White People See Cops Differently

  4. View story at

    Redefines “racism” as systemic (“a kind of prejudice that comes with power”) only, though it was previously pretty much synonmous with “prejudice”. This redefinition is what will lead to midunderstanding.

    Also, like the quote:

    America has been playing a centuries-long game of ‘stop hitting yourself’ while holding the arms of Black America.

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