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7-Segment Display Extended to all 26 Letters

July 9, 2013

This was an idea I came up with on how to have all 26 letters (and both capitals and lowercase for most!) on the 7 segment LED or plasma display modules. Some letters are simple, but others are very difficult, so the 7 segments aren’t usually used for alphabetic text. Those that are are usually with very easy words, like “door” or “done” on drying machines, “CLoSed” on some cash registers, “End” on microwaves, and “boot” on the cable box. Those letters are easy except for the lower case “t”, which is basically an upside down “F”. When alphabetic characters are needed, they’ll usually use a display with more segments; particularly with diagonal ones, for several letters. But I looked at each letter and envisioned how they might be displayed on the simple 7 segment module. These are the two common types of this display. Green are the simple ones which make clear sense. (Dark green are where lowercase glyphs are identical to capitals). Yellow are the more iffy ones. And red are the most difficult, particularly the K, M, V, and W, that may be illegible (I probably should make “X”, which is reduced to what would basically be a backslash, red too). A display using these might have to have a character key next to it to identify them. One of the W’s is basically two “u”s; one sitting on top of the other, rather than next to each other. The best you can do with that kind of letter.

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  1. Some alternatives are documented at

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