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Variation of Subway Map for Local Area Showing Buses

July 9, 2013

This is a scan of a rare map showing both buses and trains in the area of the Williamsburg Bridge back when it was closed in 1999. It shows both buses and trains at the same time, where the NYC Subway maps have never showed the bus lines, as it was feared they would clutter the map. But here is a good example of them fitting nicely onto the map. For more dense areas like Midtown and Downtown Manhattan, insets could be used, or perhaps the other side of the map, which is currently used for the area commuter railroad system. (I would make that a separate map folder, as it originally started out as).

  1. OK, now someone has finally produced a citywide combination bus AND subway map!

    click to enlarge

    Been wanting something like this for the longest. Even uses the separate line drawings like Vignelli and KICK. Only thing; I think he should have done the subway lines at least in the colors. (Also, I don’t think he had to make the (A) to JFK and the (Z) as separate lines).
    Might be hard to read the entire one on the screen, but this would at least be good for the station wall maps.

    Told the KICK guy about this, and he’s apparently coming out with one as well:

  2. Denaro has colorized the subways and added Staten Island buses, and the Second Avenue extension, and in the process is gaining more exposure:

    I had also done my own attempt at colorizing part of it, doing the subways in a lighter shade, and all of the bus routes in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I Hope he still colorizes the local buses:

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