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New Book: Makers vs Takers; Tax, Lax and Blacks: How Racial Tension is Fueled in the Politics of Blame

August 22, 2013

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To preface:

•I don’t think most people start out consciously trying to dislike black people.
•The desire is more to elevate themselves rather than put down others (though the net affect is the same).
•They do this through their heritage (the greatness of their nation, and its original “culture” and “values” through history
•This history/heritage was reproved, by more progressive elements, for the glaring evils of slavery and later forms of race-based oppression or discrimination.
•This is what the “patriots” are reacting against the most.
•So to maintain the purity of this heritage, the progressive forces must be demonized, and the the evils they are charging must be either dismissed, diminished in affect, or excused
•This is done in part by focusing on the victim’s problems and negative affect on society
•Those fringe elements who DO still hate the other race get mixed up in this, infusing the rhetoric with their own sentiments, which are disguised to resemble the feelings of the general conservative public
•This creates the blaming posture that has characterized conservative political talking points

The heart of racism today is the badgering of the issue of some supposedly large group of people abusing public assistance, to the point that it fills nearly all conservative talking points in the form of complaints about “taxing and spending”. This is made the sole problem in the economy, and the money-draining actions of huge corporations (many of them global), are patently ignored, if not solidly defended in terms of what they “deserve”.
Hence them fitting the new (or really, not so new) category of “makers”, as opposed to the undeserving “takers”.


What we see is the repeating themes of:

•the underlying economic basis

•”divide and conquer”: dividing the lower class group according to race, to throw suspicious off of the ruling class

•Claiming to be victimized by the federal government

•Characterizing blacks as dangerous (to justify what they’re fighting the government about)

•Claiming conservatives have the best interest for blacks, who are being “used” by liberals in their goal to destroy America (i.e. through “socialism”).

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