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Directive, Informative, Structure, Motive, Cooperative and Pragmatic as intermediate type variables

August 23, 2013

Thought of a few more dichotomies to help group different types:

D directive
R responsive (or “infoRmative”)
$ structure
M motive
C cooperative
U Utilitarian (pragmatic)

RF responsive Feelers xxFP, xSFJ (excludes NFJ)
DT directive Thinkers xxTJ, xSTP (excludes NTP)
RP responsive Perceivers xxFP, xNTP (excludes STP)
DJ directive Judgers xxTJ, xNFJ (excludes SFJ)
MF motive focused Feelers xxFP, xNFJ (Excludes SFJ)
$T Structure focused Thinkers xxTJ, xNTP (excludes STP)
MP motive focused Perceivers xxFP, xSTP (excludes NTP)
$J structure focused Judgers xxTJ, xSFJ (excludes NFJ)
CF cooperative Feelers xxFJ, xNFP (excludes SFP)
UT utilitarian Thinkers xxTP, xNTJ (excludes STJ)
CJ cooperative Judgers xxFJ, STJ (excludes NTJ)
UP Utilitarian Perceivers xxTP, xSFP (excludes NFP)

“_____ is a definite IxFx type, but not directive” [rules out INFJ] = “She is an IRF

You could even do two at once, so the collective of ESTP and ENTJ (two types that may look very similar on the surface, yet omitting ESTJ) would be “EDUT“.

Also, big news in the type community; RIP David Keirsey, the one who popularized “temperament” groups in 16-types theory. He died at 91, on Jul. 30th, it was reported in the past week.

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