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New Green Taxis

October 4, 2013

I find myself so excited about the new “Green Taxi” (NYC Boro Taxi) program, since it was first announced last year, and then I followed the ensuing fight for and against it. Was so glad it finally went through this summer, and watch as more and more former “livery cabs” go “green”.

As the NYC taxi is an iconic part of the city, but they have gravitated away from the outer boro’s to focus mainly on the central business districts of Manhattan (I do believe they were more widespread when I was young), it makes me feel more apart of the city again, though they are slow to show up in my particular area. (Read that nearby Fenix car service is apart of the program, but still not seeing any around here).

I can remember as a child you had the standard yellow taxis, and there were red taxis, and I always wanted to go on one of those for a change, but was told they were more expensive. So I take it, this was probably a “car service” in or around Flatbush at the time. I didn’t know about car services, or so-called “gypsy cabs” (who may or may not operate out of a car service “base”. Later, I began noticing different colored cars from some company that had “Livery” in the name; my first exposure to the word).
I really didn’t get into livery cabs until courting and marrying into the fairly isolated neighborhood of Ridgewood (Where Fenix and Liberty are strong, and until recently, in the less minority section, Four Ones), and they were often needed where buses and trains were very slow, and she particularly didn’t like Transit.

Where city cabs use a meter that clocks the time as well as the miles, the livery cabs generally set the prices, based on a, I guess you could say, “market” kind of rate, and you can bargain them. Still, these generally flat rates are usually higher than the meter.
So metered cabs were something that would be very useful in a neighborhood like this, and you do see the yellow ones once in awhile, but they’re likely bringing someone in from somewhere else, or off duty. Even when you do catch one over here, he’s usually trying to head back to Manhattan, or at least the Long Island City area which is where the city cabs are generally “based” out of, and may only take you if you’re heading that way, or at least not too far out of the way. (I don’t think they’re supposed to refuse you for anywhere within the city like that, though).

Meanwhile, you see livery cabs lined up in transit hub areas like Myrtle-Wyckoff (by me) and Broadway Junction. They really aren’t supposed to pick up street hails. When running late, I’ll run to one of the bases in the area, and they’ll radio the nearest car, and it usually takes a few moments. If I’m somewhere else, I may be in trouble.
At Broadway Junction, they generally want $20 or more to go to Parsons-Archer (Jamaica), which is a quick stretch down the Jackie Robinson. With a meter, it would probably be as little as $10 or so. All those emergency trips from Manhattan to Bedford Park or Van Cortlandt-242 (north Bronx) I used to make when working in those places were IIRC, no more than $20, at least before fares started going up.

The first green taxis featured in the new stories were generally in northern Manhattan and the Bronx. They were made a color called “apple green“, or basically a pale pear color, that sometimes gets close to lemon yellow. Where the “yellow” cabs are like a slightly reddish yellow (sometimes almost amber, generally close to the in between school bus or so-called “cheese bus” color), which is what I call “traffic yellow” —the same color as the yellow signals when they were incandescent, and also the color the signal heads are usually painted, plus any yellow road sign in general; the new color is like a greenish yellow. While not my favorite color, it’s bright and interesting, and nicer than the gritty old reddish yellow. (I like how they also changed the school crossing signs from traffic yellow to fluorescent/neon lemon yellow).

So now, instead of yellow vs red, it’s yellow vs green. (Haven’t had an occasion to ride a green one yet).
Printed over the paint job is the black circle “T” logo NYC cabs have taken on in recent years, but with “BORO” in place of “TAXI”, plus an image of a person waving for “Meter Fare” (also on regular taxis), and for “Flat Fare”, in place of an airport symbol on yellow cabs, it has a phone symbol, for if you call, as previously for these cars.
They retain the “T#####C” license plate numbers, where city cab plates use the medallion number.

They are designed to pick up in the areas where it’s hard to find a yellow cab. They are not allowed to pick up where the yellow cabs frequent, which is Manhattan below E96/W110 (basically, the Harlem-Upper East/West Side line), and the airports. The GPS system now installed on all meter cabs will cause the meters to not work when starting in those areas. So they can only take someone in to those areas.

Where I’m seeing a lot of them, quickly beginning after the program passed, is at 71st-Continental Avenue, Forest Hill, now the other end of the (M) line. (Most common bases are Skyway and Grand Car & Limo. Base company names are printed on the rear side panels). They have part of Queens Blvd near the corner fenced off to build an elevator for the station, and right in front of it, by the Vitamin Shoppe is this little pocket where the livery cabs wait, and now most of them, at least in the afternoon, are the new Boro Taxis.

This was needed, as years ago, trying to get home from there was so difficult. You could wait for the Q23, which winds slowly towards Metropolitan, then have to transfer to the Q54, then to the (M)’s other end there. Or take the livery cab, and pay. At other times, I would be down the way a bit, at Kew Gardens (where Jamaica Yard is), and it’s even more difficult, and one time I wanted an hour, as none of the yellow cabs were stopping, and I wasn’t seeing any livery cabs for a long while.

Here’s an article on the lack of coverage:
When asking drivers themselves if they are interested in the program, most mention the lack of money to buy a medallion.

While regular medallions seem to be a number followed by a letter and then two more numbers (#X##), Boro Taxi’s seem to be getting AA and AB followed by a three digit number. (XX###. The demo models in the articles have “BT123”). Also saw an AC number.

They look a bit different also in that most NYC taxi models are Ford Crown Victoria, Toyota Camry, the newer Ford Transit Connect (smacks of the futuristic “Johnny Cab” from Total Recall!), and various Toyota, Ford and Honda/Hyundai SUV’s (I think I do see hybrid Toyota Prius’s occasionally, and I see the all electric Nissan Leaf mentioned, but I’ve never seen or at least recognized one. Have to look out for that one —According to Wikipedia, only six are being tested, and so far only four are running. Good luck for me finding those!)
Most Livery cars on the other hand are Lincoln Towncars. (AB806 is a Crown Victoria, and there are some Camry’s as well).
What I’m not seeing yet is any SUV’s in the boro scheme yet. (The livery car services certainly have them).

Some of the cars even have the standard LED backlit rooftop ad signs like city cabs. (Especially the Camry’s).
(I wondered if they would ever get those flashy amber LED signs with LCD screen that show sports scores and such, but I’m not seeing those anywhere now. It seems on city cabs they’ve been replaced with just this flat printed sign).

It was reported that some gypsy cabs are painting themselves in the green color to fool people, but from what I have seen, these are simply cars entered in the program waiting to receive the medallion. They paint the car first, then when they get the medallion, add the marking and the roof light and everything else.

The plan is to sell 6000 medallions each year for the next 3 years, so there will be a total of 18,000 of these cabs around the city (which is more than yellow cabs, which are a little more than 13,000). So far, I think they said 2000 have been sold. (Which would make sense, if the number scheme runs 001(?)-999 for each letter. So AC would be the 2000 mark. So 18000 would close out the “AR” series. Unless they skip I and O, which they probably will, so then it would run up to AT. Not sure how the regular medallion number series works. May be just “1A01-99; 1B01-99, then 2A01, etc. up to 9Z99).
So when this is finished, it should be very easy to get one in the outer boros. Can’t wait!

  1. Riding the new all electric test bus uptown on the M104, I see a bunch of green cabs on the upper west side (you would think they wouldn’t be needed as much there, since many yellow cabs venture up there), and most of them seem to be Camry’s.

    But I finally see a green SUV, AA142. Couldn’t see what kind it was, but it seemed to be one of the same kinds the yellow taxis use. So it seems the Boro taxis up there are more like regular city cabs.
    Also noticed a yellow cab somewhere else that was a Nissan Altima. That’s kind of rare.

  2. Something I wasn’t sure I would ever see: a green Ford Transit Connect (AA250, out of Grand Car & Limo):
    Behind is the little “pocket” I mentioned, where all the green cabs line up.
    Had never seen a Connect in any livery service, so I never thought any of the livery drivers would ever buy one.
    This was the boxy futuristic cab, which they now want to replace as the “cab of tomorrow” with the similar Nissan NV200s, (and it was reported this week that the Court is blocking them trying to replace all cabs with it).
    Other news, I think I did see a green cab pass by me around my way the other night (hard to make out the colors in the sodium street lighting. Can’t wait until LED’s replace them everywhere). Also saw another SUV (AB249, IIRC) in this same place.

    Just found a spreasheet (xls) of every yellow cab medallion:‎
    First digit is 1-9 (knew I never saw “0”), last two digits run 10-99, letters skip I, O, Q, R, S, X, Z, and in some number series, T, V , and W are skipped as well.
    It even shows the medallion owner (which for yellow cabs is a company, not the driver), car maker (Ford, etc). it is, and whether it is Hybrid or wheelchair accessible.

    It doesn’t yet list the Boro medallions (but then that number scheme is easy to figure out, as stated before), though it does show 136 “Standby vehicles (SBV100 and up series), and a TLC1 and TLC3, which seem to be listed as regular medallion cabs

    • joe caronetti permalink

      Finally a site where I can get a handle on all this. I’ve been photographing all the types of cars and documenting all the SHL bases. I hear there are 450 of those. All very fascinating.
      Got a pic of an MV1, apple green with no markings. Also, two different cars with the same number.
      Am I going nuts or what?

  3. Here’s the list of SHL bases (.xls download):

    Also, in the process found something I didn’t see before, the shl list.

    They’re all the way up to AE now, though not all in order on the list. On a side note, the list shows two cars with Fenix (B01386) in my area, AD281 and AD503 (Still hadn’t seen any AD’s yet, only one or two AC’s). I had even gone over there to ask them about the program, and they said they had four already, and there would eventually be a lot more. I have seen a couple more close to me.

    What cars did you see with the same number?
    I think I’ve seen an MV1 as Access-A-Ride or something else (didn’t know what it was, but now recognize it from the picture on Wiki when Googling it), but not a green cab, and I don’t even think a yellow one either. IT seems that company went out of business.

  4. joe caronetti permalink

    Thanx! Just what I’ve been hoping to find. i’ve done my own XL list, based on my photos. (if you want it and/or photos I can send gladly.
    The list you sent starts at AA127 while I have AA000 on up. AA000 was unmamrked ( no base name) but AA001 is a Riverside car. Now we need to determine what type of car is attached to the corresponding number.
    The duplicate I found is AB126, shown for Bangla Car & Limo and also for Prestige Car Service.
    I’m loving this and should be out tomorrow. I have an appointment in Bklyn (B’way) and should head to Wyckoff; then perhaps Queens. Unlimited metrocards make it all possible.

  5. You saw these in person? (There’s no AA000 listed in the spreadsheet I’ve seen).
    As for AB126, I see only one in the document, and the base license is B02183, which is Bangla.

    When you say “Prestige Car Service”, is that what I see listed on the base sheet as “3210 WEBSTER AV PRESTIGE C/S”? And is “Riverside” “RIVERSIDE RADIO DISPATCHER” on St. Nicholas Ave.?

    Perhaps this duplicate AB126 and especially AA000 are among the phonies I had read about. (As I said in the OP, when I see green but unmarked cars, they seem to be those simply waiting to receive the medallion and markings. They wait in that space in the picture with the ones already marked. Then, I’ll see them with the markings.
    I did see AA001, but that 000 must really be phony, as they generally skip 0’s. (the yellow cabs never start with 0, and the last two digits are never 00, or anything blow 10 even).

    And yeah, the shl list omits the car maker, as that was not regulated by the TLC, since they were liveries.

  6. joe caronetti permalink

    Was out & about today in Bklyn & Queens. Bklyn a disappointment. Went to Williamsburg, and Ridgewood. Saw a United Exp car near the hospital but missed a shot. Got a Camry for JOY, which I could shoot up here. It had a small yellow “taxi” sign on the roof however.
    Better luck in Queens, at the “pocket” spot you mentioned and at 74th/Roosevelt. Also shot a TLC “enforcement” car there. I recall when those were sharp looking Caprices. The Caprice was a fave car of mine; I walked miles to shoot those! Also got another Bangla.
    The AA000 I believe was a freshly out-shopped Transit Connect. (I need to revisit my pictures).
    The duplicates were indeed marked up accordingly.
    I too am leary of green unmarked cars. I have a bunch of those photos too. Some cars have the sticker of the base they are operating for on the rear somewhere.
    The Prestige you asked about is correct, and so is the Riverside.
    I assume the duplicate cars are real as they both have official numbers and logos, etc.
    Hope someone makes a model of a green car.
    BTW have you seen MyCar, another green company? And there is another green car whose name escapes me at the moment.
    I asked a driver at Fenix about green cars. He replied only in the Bronx so far. I know that’s not true. Was hoping to get some greens in Bklyn; I shall return of course.

  7. joe caronetti permalink

    BTW would you like me to send some attachments to you?

  8. joe caronetti permalink

    Just checked; AA000 is a TransitConnect, complete with official markings and roof top number. No base fleet name, at that time.

  9. What’s JOY? What car has just a “taxi” sign? (The only ones I see like that are the ones that wander over from Newark or other suburbs. The liveries don’t have that, and official medallion cabs all have the medallion number on the sign).

    Yes, the pocket (Where I was standing when first reading your responses earlier) is the best place of anywhere I know.

    Saw a newly painted unmarked green Town Car that was truly “apple green” (not as pale or yellowish as the rest).

    I take it you must be from uptown or the Bronx, and yet travel all around. You seem really into this (moreso than me).

    And you even stopped at Fenix (like I did). When I was there, as I said above, they said they had two, and would have more.

    I know there are these other green cars, I see driving around, that are not cabs (At least not regular ones), but I’m not sure what they do, but it seems to be connected with environmentalism.

    Still find it hard to believe that 000 is real. Though if it was a connect, I had asked AA250 driver about that model, and he said you had to have a special license to be able to buy one. So that make it sound like he is legit. But not sure.

    What is this you want to send me? Pictures? (If you have a picture of this 000 car, that would be of interest).
    Do you have your own blog? You should probably put all that stuff up there; start a fan page on the green cabs.

  10. joe caronetti permalink

    Yes; some of the cars I caught today so of the usual SKYWAY Town cars and a Camry AC053. Joy CS is AA996,the car with the odd-ball roof top taxi light. Also got Bangla, Cibao, PIA, My Street car Service. Along with the Grand Limo & CS Town Cars, I got a Camry and a Nissan Altima too. The Nissans look pretty hot.
    Lots of activity near the Victor Moore arcade. Sad situation around Bway/ Myrtle and Myrtle/Wykoff. Walked along until Fresh Pond. I lived on Madison St in 1974 for 6 whole months. Hated it. Bitter sweet nostalgia. Took the bus from Metrop. Ave to Queens Blvd.
    Yes, I live in the Norwood section of the Bx. on the Grand Conc ‘tween Bedford Pk and Mosholu.
    Hope you don’t mind my posting to you.

  11. Didn’t know there were a lot in Jackson Heights, but figures. Hadn’t been out there, since checking out the new Q70 (to the airport) when it started last month. Always liked the area for all the bustle.

    Yeah, it’s pretty dead over here by Myrtle-Wyckoff. I see one car passing by somewhere, maybe like once a week. Yet we have all the livery cars lined up right next to the KFC. They’re really slow in going with the program.
    Ridgewood itself was always this off-beat place, that I always thought looked nice, but then married into it and found it was so isolated and the last thought for everything. Until they changed the M line to go up 6th ave., it was several transfers to get anywhere. And the L wasn’t so busy and increased in service like it is now. Hence, we could have used something like the green cars back then, and they would still be useful now.
    (BTW saw another Altima yellow cab today. Passed my train on the Williamsburg Bridge. It was probably 3M54).

    Used to work up by you all the time, on the B and D.

    Wow, someone on the Facebook transit forum fan group just posted a picture of a green cab on the Concourse (And right next to a yellow cab, for contrast):

  12. joe caronetti permalink

    I am also a transit fan, photographing and collecting stuff. Into buses big time; many transit fans don’t like cabs. On a few of the chat groups.
    I also rode the new LGA bus, on the second days of service. Interesting; hope it is working well for them.
    MTA needs to go forth and make limited or SBS service to go across 125th. It takes 4ever on the bus to get x-town there. Better off walking ( which I do; get more green cars that way!)
    Ridgewood has changed but not as drastically as the Bronx or some other neighborhoods; still has a quaint European feel, even today.
    Notice there are Orion buses now in the area where the RTS buses have always ruled. Got a few pictures today, along with yet another R32 on the (J) line. These were all to have been returned to the (C) by now.

  13. joe caronetti permalink

    Hello again. Still out & about observing and photographing the greenies. Had the fortune on Saturday of finding, by accident, a Webster Avenue auto shop that was a clearing house, so to speak, for green cabs. This place applied the decals, etc to the cars. I took some pictures of a 2006 Nissan getting decals placed on it. No car number was applied, but it was attached to the Diplo SHL base. Still looking for a list of cars, AAxxx thru A???? So far, only my own compilation.
    Saw a Camry numbered BT123, in Union Radio shl base. Also car AE 464; didn’t see the SHL base however.
    Happy to to see cars other than Camries an Town Cars.
    Notice many at the Thompson Dinner on Queens Blvd yesterday.

  14. When you say list of cars, you mean the model right? Or do you mean a numerical list, or something? (since you obviously saw the list I linked to).
    BT123 would have been one of the demonstration cars used in the news article and the TLC website!

    Yeah, Grand Ave. depot got some Orions, and I think even Fresh Pond borrows some, and the B38 is split between both, so I’ve seen the Orions over here as well, and I remember it ebeing all RTS’s. When they do shuttle buses for the trains, borrowing from all depots, that would be the only time you saw anything else, and it looked strange.

    The (J) is keeping the one R32 (with some spares). East NY yard had a bunch of the cars (out of service) for awhile, as 207th St. was full, or something, so now they’re keeping them in service.

  15. joe caronetti permalink

    Hi. Oddly enough, I wish some RTSs would come back to the Bx. Eastchester & West Farms had them last, with Eastchester the finale. The Q50 (formerly QBx1) was split ‘tween Eastchester & College Pt. The RTS’s have vanished, replaced by the Orion V’s.
    The last 5200 series New Flyer D60 HF artic in Kingsbridge (5252) went to JFK along with the others and have all been renumbered 1000’s. I hear 1002 was 5252 and may now be off the operating roster.I wanted a pic of 1002 as I have several as 5252.
    I thought the Camry came in 2 sizes as there appears to be a difference. Seems the larger one is an Avalon. Much nicer; almost looks like a Chevy Malibu. Odd, they both have California names.
    Shot an unmarked plain green today up here; in Manhattan I shot a yellow Malibu.
    The list I’d like to see is the AAXXX thru AZXXX(?) with each SHL base its assigned to. Make it easier to ID. Having the car model would be nice too. So, I’ve started compiling my own, based on my photos. Where a car type or number or base name are not available or can’t be seen in the photo, I’ve simply inserted a “?”, hoping to fill in the info later.
    BTW there is at least one Chrysler car AB388 ;not sure what base it belongs to.

  16. Yeah, 1002 was 5252:

    And it’s in “System Reserve Storage”:

    Again, you mean a numerical list. The one I linked has the assigned base, but listed by base license number rather than name. So the info is all there, just not by name (or numerical).

    This evening, the police were doing something in that taxi spot in Forest Hills. The cruiser was blocking the two lanes (with the cars boxed in, including one yellow SUV). When I asked this guy who’s always there, handing out cards for his business, and he seems to know about the cabs, he said it had something to do with cars blocking the third lane, which is for through traffic. Eventually, the police car left, after talking to a few of the drivers.

    • joe caronetti permalink

      Hi, thanx for that MTA list. I had one printed out and misplaced it.
      I used your links to the SHL’s and it works just fine. I saw a car decaled as Premium Manhattan, but listed as PREMIUM RADIO DISP & MULTI SVC. Appears to be more of them every day.

  17. A story on regular yellow medallions:

    Also, saw one Dodge Caravan (my favorite car) heading across the Williamsburg Bridge recently, and it was 8T25. Looked it up on the spreadsheet (Wasn’t sure it was a Dodge until I looked up the number), and apparently, there are only two others: 8T60 and 8T64.

  18. joe caronetti permalink

    SO, you are really into the yellow ones more so than I, although I do keep watch and photo some of the more interesting cars. Of the Greens, I really love the Nissan Altima (?) and the Honda Accord, although there is a new version of these, and often I can’t tell what I’m looking at!
    Has Fenix started the green cars yet?
    I discovered a spot on Queens Blvd, near Lawry/33rd on the (7) line. Many cars of all colors and styles go to register, I suppose. Lots of greens, which helps me fill in my check list of photographs.
    You got me thinking of doing a website; any suggestions as to an on-line one? Free, perhaps? I would do the cabs plus other transit stuff I’m into.

  19. I just noticed the Caravan, and first noticed one as a yellow cab in the ’90’s. (And thought that article was interesting). Back when the Chevy Caprice was still the universal cab (yellow or livery), and they had just started allowing minivans or SUV’s. But the Caravans were always extremely rare.

    I’m still not really seeing any green cabs over here, and now, with the new mayor we’re getting, I hear he was against the program, or influenced by the yellow operators who were against it. But then, I’m hearing the yellows are starting to favor it (has something to do with the price of green medallions likely being driven up, or something).
    So I participated in that “Transition Talk” program (see my most recent blog entry from yesterday, at present time), and left a note asking him not to impede or cancel the program (along with getting alcohol ads out of the subway, which Giuliani put back after Dinkins first got them out).

    Want to do a website; go for it, I say.

  20. joe caronetti permalink

    I also heard about D’Blaz not favoring the green cabs, one of the reasons I’m shooting the stuff as fast and as often as I can. Seems to be more of them each day. Cars I’ve recorded in the ‘transitional” plain green/ no markings are appearing in full array, or close to it. Not sure how much power the mayor has; can he selectively cancel a program like that? Thought the city council or some agency needed to approve.
    Can’t believe the amount of $$$ the medallion goes for. I’ve had friends who drove yellow taxis in the late 70’s/ early 80’s. Their wages couldn’t buy them medallions. Yet many foreigners can do it. Outside funding perhaps?
    Got some green taxis that did not have the “TLC” license plates. Are these transitional or fakes???
    Would love to talk to Yassky or that taxi historian professor. There’s a lot I’d like to learn.
    BTW, any thoughts on website design?

  21. The ones without TLC are probably the fakes. Unless it’s a car that’s being converted to TLC at the same time as waiting for the medallion. (i.e. wasn’t already a livery car).

    I don’t have any suggestions for web design. As you see, for this blog, I just stuck with the plain, gray “titan” them, for now. My own web space is plain text (Apart from any images I might link to).

    • joe caronetti permalink

      The gall of it all. Today I saw unmarked plain green cars, not only without TLC plates, but at least two cars with NJ plates!

  22. joe caronetti permalink

    A friend suggested I start a new Yahoo group, similar to the bus groups I belong to. So I started
    The Green Cab Fan ( Posted a few photos too. Fun. Need to figure out what to do with it. Too many photos to post ’em all.
    Funny to see the SHL base names on some cars misspelled.

  23. OK, signed up. Nice pics.
    Though the Yahoo listserve group seemed like something that was on its way out, so I’m not sure how much else action it will get.

    I see AA145 and AA626 are Chevies; Venture I take it. My favorite vehicles are the Dodge Caravan/Chevy Venture/Ford Windstar minivans (With the sliding doors and sleek round design).

    Still not seeing anything around here. When I went to Harlem yesterday, I saw some on 125th.

    So the observation I made is that it seems these green cabs are concentrating in those two places they started: upper Manhattan & the Bronx, and the Queens corridor. And both areas already having many yellow cabs, because of the proximity to midtown Manhattan! Doesn’t seem fair. We really need them in northern Brooklyn and Ridgewood.

    Yeah, and if the plates are NJ or nonTLC; I would definitely say those are definitely fake.

    Also recently saw a Newark yellow cab that actually had the black “T” circle logo, though a bit smaller than in NYC. Looking up Newark taxi, I’m not seeing any official site for them. (And I think there’s both Airport and regular).

  24. joe caronetti permalink

    Thanx for checking the Yahoo thing. Hope it doesn’t fade away.
    Saw an interesting thing on E42nd street Friday evening. A green cab dropped someone off near GCT. A young woman raced over to get into it but appeared to have been told “something” by the driver that made her leave the cab and continue waiting for another car. It’s working!
    I, too, saw a Nwk taxi tonight, “airport” version.
    I’d like to link up the green cab site to a Caprice site; I’ve got loads of 1991-96 Caprice shots, taxi and otherwise.
    Took a ride on the “Red Express” from 59h Street to Empire Casino. Seems all the buses are getting the “Red Express” logo and special rear end wrap.

  25. Oh, I tried that a few weeks ago (from 96th/Columbus). Nice, and then used the new bridge to the Aqueduct station when leaving.

    Also, at 46th St. southbound (M, R), right at the 8 car T/O position, there’s a NYC wall ad for the Boro Taxis!

    • joe caronetti permalink

      YEs, I, too, took to the bridge. The the (A). Didn’t feel to wait an hour for the bus back. Didn’t gamble.
      I’ll need to check that Boro taxi ad. Thanx for the tip.
      Rode the (J) from Broad st the other morning. Was an R32! Stood at the front window. Nice ride and interesting track configurations, which I haven’t seen in years! Somehow seems changed. Lots of track going and coming “nowhere”. Love it.

  26. joe caronetti permalink

    Took a ride to see that poster on the M/R line at 46th street; took a photo. Saw one at another stop on the line too.
    Now comes another anomaly: car AB679 (lic T615420C) originally listed as SHL base DAT car service now appears as JOY car service. Got photos too. This after I spotted a car turning onto the Grand Concourse, which was assigned to one SHL, as stenciled on the side, but operating for another SHL, according to the card sign in the window. Didn’t know this was allowed.

  27. You didn’t put the picture up yet, right?
    Also, is hotlinking not allowed or disabled? I was trying to get the address of one of those green Ventures, but can’t find it.

    From what I understand, they only have to be nominally affiliated with a base; any license based. They can go and work anywhere (other than the Manhattan zone), after that.

  28. joe caronetti permalink

    I’m behind on my posting.
    Also I see they are putting those posters up in other stations, plus there seems to be another version up here in the Bx.
    I’ll need to get a pic this weekend.
    Down on the B44 Select today. First time on it. Traffic on Lee is awful! Finally the bus gained speed after around Atlantic/ Nostrand. Got off to shoot a green from “R.Transport” near Nostrand/ Ave M. Drivers down there are out for blood!
    Walked back to the junction, rode IRT to Atlantic, walked to Dekalb. One green spotted & photo’d.
    Slim pickings down there.

  29. From what I can see the links you have in your blog pup above still work. Apparently the list of license numbers (TXXXXXXC) are updated periodically. I’ve used it to check on cars without the medallion number or base name; seems to work ok.

  30. I tried the SBS the second day, both ways, from Williamsburg Plz to the Junction. Yeah, Lee Ave is horrible, because of the stripped pavement. I don’t know why they didn’t get that finished before the service began.
    Then, it was further slowed down by all the people trying to pay the driver, still, and him having to explain to them.

    I didn’t see any green cabs that day. I had wondered if they were in that part of Brooklyn (Saw some nice LED street Christmas decorations, though).
    So that’s when I came to figure that they’re all huddling in the same two areas; up by you, and the Queens corridor.

    • Shame about the MNRR derail today. I’ll check out the MTA shuttle buses on Monday; 3rd time this year!
      Caught pix of a Nissan “Taxi of Tomorrow” at 161st & Grand Concourse today.
      Also car AB602 was photo’d. It has its stenciled number done backwards. A hoot!

      • Just saw one of those new Nissans, 8D82 pass by @ Continental. Is that really better than the Connect? Doesn’t look as big. I remember seeing one in Times Sq. August, and it said “Test, not for hire”.

      • Yes, I got a shot of a “test, not for hire” Nissan of tomorrow; it was up near Columbia U.
        A friend, who takes Access A Ride, recently caught a transit connect! Said the ride was great. He doesn’t care for the MV1.
        Shot Metro North substitute buses on Monday and today. Plenty of interesting stuff up here, from all over. Posted some pix yesterday on Buschat; will post some more later.

  31. BTW, thanks for signing on to the Yahoo greencab page.
    Did you get the address you needed on the SHL base link?

  32. Please look at the Yahoo group greencab site. Check car AE459 ( and the others). Ithink you’ll like ’em.

  33. Not sure what address you’re referring to. I think I got all the addresses I was looking for.

    What kind of vehicle is AE459?

    Say, since you know so much about cabs, do you know whatever happened to those digital roof signs with the LCD screens and the sports scores in amber LED? Why did they do away with those? I see other flat signs that look similar, but are just regular billboards. Are those they same ones, and they took the electronics out?

    • It was the address for a green Venture, as stated further up on the blog.
      AE459 is a Chrysler, probably a Town & Country, but I can’t see the back well enough to determine that. It matches what Chrysler has on their website, however. I love the green on AE459; somewhat darker or deeper in color.
      I heard the LED thing was distracting other drivers and removed. Silly; it works in other cities. Some NYCT buses ( high floor artics) had them too, along the sides; removed for the same silly reason.
      Thanx for looking.

      • Crown Victoria 5B25 still has the electronic sign, but it was off. (Thought too late to try to get picture of it).

      • joe caronetti permalink

        Now a fifth SHL poster has appeared on the subway. Prius shown as BT123, posed in front of Unisphere. Poster is inside R68 subway car on the (D) line. Picture posted on GCF yahoo group.

      • joe caronetti permalink

        Not sure where my message went, but here goes again. A fifth SHL poster now appears on subways, this time inside the trains. Shot a pic of poster on (D) train; it shows Prius BT123 in front of Unisphere.
        I’ve added some pix on the GCF group page, plus started another album of Out of Town taxis, using two I took in Cleveland last week.

      • Also forgot to mention, I saw SBV138 on Sat. on 8th Av. First time ever noticing one of those. Looks just like a regular cab; I forget what’s special about it.

        Also (@joe), I see both messages.

  34. OK. I could see the little insignia, and that’s basically Dodge. So that must be the new Caravan. I liked the sleek rounder previous ones. They’ve made this one look more like an SUV.

    No, it wasn’t the SHL base link I was trying to get the address of, it was the address to hotlink your picture here. Is hotlinking not permitted from Yahoo photos?

    So the distraction thing I could see makes sense. I remembered the signs on the artics, and I think I heard that about them. What I always wished they would do is come out with new “bat wings”, which were the lit signs along the roofline. That wouldn’t be as distracting, because it’s up, out of the way of the driver.

    Just as the iconic NYC taxi has the roof sign, the bat wings on the buses went right along with that image (You see them in old shows like Odd Couple or the movie Shaft). The cabs kept the roof signs, but the bus signs got replaced with stickers.

    • I totally agree with the bus ad “wings”, or Ad-O-Rama signs as they were marketed as. The fishbowls (and one Flx New Look) were spectacular with those; a real NYC icon at the time. “Wings” did make it to other cities as well. Even PSCT of NJ had some too.
      BTW only one Grumman had bat wings as well, a smaller versions, which would certainly fit today’s designs with large windows and a small roof line space. Much nicer than the stick on ads.
      Not sure about the hotlinking issue of Yahoo photos. I need to check into it.

      • That was Bus-O-Rama. Someone finally posted a picture of the Grumman with one, somewhere.

      • Right! Stupid me. It’s the age catching up with me. Was thinking of the Manhattan camera store.
        I took a few pix of the Grumman; they’re here somewhere.

  35. Any word on the vintage buses on 42nd street? They should be running by now. Perfect weather too.

  36. Somebody said they were running on Monday, and there were pictures of four old looks, and they said one was parked by GCT.

    I was relaxing Monday, and didn’t go out to look. I did catch the museum train on Sunday, on the way to Nintendoworld (it got late, I scratched trying to chase down the train, but then saw it right as I got off at 47/50, and rode back a few stops).

    Also, just happened to look at the medallion list, and there is one Lincoln in yellow: 3D63. Wish I could see that one, since the Lincoln is common for the green cars.

    • A Lincoln Town Car? I recall one being around for some time. Saw it once or twice, chased it but never got a pic of it.
      Finally shot a Bklyn unit, AE356 of R.Transport. Hope there will be more Bklyn stuff. Need to get motivated to get to S.I.

  37. I assume it’s a Towncar. That’s pretty much what’s used for car service these days.

    What part of Brooklyn was this? (I see them passing through Williamsburg, and that’s usually it).

  38. I wish the SHL list of license numbers or medallion numbers would list the car type
    I saw one Impala, the kind that came out circa 2000 or so, with the odd ball tail lights. It was in the SHL fleet, going down the Concourse. Only saw it once.
    I can’t believe how Brooklyn has the gypsiest of gypsy cabs. These cars line up,like near Atlantic Ave RR station or the junction. They are beat to heck, have no TLC plates or base affiliation, and
    people climb in and pay the driver. Sheesh!

  39. R.Transport was on Nostrand, near Kings Hwy.

  40. I see it’s based right on the corner of where I lived 24-21 years ago. (Ave H. @ Coney Island Ave. Don’t know if it was there back then; never used car service; was able to get everywhere on bus or train).

    • I posted car BT123 of the Union shl base. It is actually car AA237. This was a licky find, and one of the earlier photos I took. I need to keep my eyes open for AA237.

  41. Nissan 2H47 taken today on 34th street/5th ave. Two photos added to greencabfan. Note the NIssan picture on top of the cab, sort of an ad for the taxi itself.

    • So is the Nissan nicer than the Connect, inside? (Those tiny windows evoke a battleship and makes it resemble a Hummer a bit).

  42. You’re right about the Hummer look, and those small windows. Strange car; I understand it has no way to carry wheelchairs. Hope some wander into the green fleet. The Connect seems roomier, from my observation.

    • Doesn’t make any sense to me. Seems like a downgrade. They might as well just stick with sedans, then.

  43. Looking at the latest shl list, there’s a bunch of AF’s out now, and they are up to 6001! (it’s supposed to be 6000 per year, so this is the ⅓rd way mark!)

    I’m seeing a bunch of them in Midwood (in addition to R Transport, even more in PIA Car & Limo on Coney Island Av). There are also a bunch further west (Borough Park, Brooklyn Heights, etc). A few in more eastern bases on E43rd St. and Ralph Ave.
    And Fenix shows six cars. Seems to be only one base on Staten Island at this time

    But the vast majority are still upper Manhattan, the Bronx and Queens.

    May have finally seen one pass by my block the first time, but again, it’s hard to make out in the sodium lighting.

    • Just saw AF310 out of Fenix at Myrtle-Wyckoff. First time in my area being able to make out the number and base. First time seeing an AF, and first time seeing one of the Fenix cars (typical Lincoln).
      If I had the money on me, I would have hailed him to go to work.

      • Happy this is finally happening in Bklyn! Was at Coney Island Saturday with a friend from Virginia.
        We took a few bus pix, but also I saw a few greenies. Pix posted on my group page.
        Went to Astoria today. Along 125st on the M60, tons of green cabs, all bases and types of cars. Astoria was a waste! One car.
        Queens Plaza to Rawson; lots of stuff. The taxi places along Qns Blvd loaded with cars, all tyoes & bases. Wound up walking Jackson Ave to Vernon Jackson (7) station. Lots of interesting cars along there too. Will post tomorrow most likely.
        Have gotten a few AF series now. Love the variety of cars now. Anything goes it seems.
        I see TLC is hoping to start green car waiting stands. That should make things easy for us.
        Three SHL posters now in the subways.

  44. Speaking of Coney Island and new posters, in the ext at Forest Hills, a dnew one: .

    I also uploaded it to your group.

    Yeah, as I’ve said, they’re all huddling in the same places. I imagine they’ve used up the allotment for this year (It’s supposed to be 6000 × 3), but it’s the end of the year, so I hope they resume next month (and not wait until the summer; a year after it first began, or something like that).I would hate for it to be stuck in the state it’s in now, where we’re still not seeing hardly any in certain places, and Fenix only having six, and being the only authorized base around here.

    Being there’s only 13000 yellow cabs, the green cabs are up to almost half as many (though I’m sure many on the list are still being painted, marked, etc. so the number we will actually see will still increase).

    I didn’t know they plan to have special stands for them. Forest Hills is already one, and it seemed to just quickly go from livery to green as the cars were painted.

    • Many thanx for the update on the poster, and posting it to the Yahoo group. Good to see the cars in Bklyn now. I shall return (on a warmer day, most likely).
      The taxi stand thing was an interactive thing on the TLC site. People could look at an overall map of the SHL “system” or operating area and “vote” or suggest logical sites for taxi waiting areas. These votes would then appear as balloons on the map. Check it out.

  45. Thanks! Just left one suggestion (the current stand next to KFC at Myrtle Wyckoff. Others already suggested illegal stands across the street), and agreed with the suggestions for Myrtle-Bway and Bway Junction.

    Here’s the site:

    There’s also this new non-xls list of bases:

    • Excellent!!! I feel like a kid in a candy store with all this stuff. I have sorted the two basic SHL Xl sheets into various formats and saved on my computer. I see they have changed since I last did that. Now up to 142 SHL bases. And 6000 licensed cars like you said. Amazing. I am totally blown away by the types of cars being used. I’ll post some pics.
      Luvvin it!

    • joe caronetti permalink

      Happy that you have now seen all the green cab posters to date. Still on the look out for others; just in case.
      Been so busy with things, but never too busy to stop taking pix. Some green cabs in their first snow will be coming.
      Finally, got a Fenix in the green. But what happened to that front end! Pix will be posted on the Yahoo group too.

      • I don’t think I have seen the Yankee Stadium one yet. The only ones I’ve seen are 46th (SI Ferry), Continental (Coney Island), and now 36th (Apollo).

        Edit: OK, I have seen them, but didn’t recognize them right away. They show those big arches in the white wall (reminds me of some museum or the Bklyn Public Library). Today, I noticed it was about the cabs. (The one I saw was on the northbound side of 36th, almost opposite the Apollo one).

        OK, so now that covers the ads for now, now it’s time for the cars to spread out more.

        There was even a new story today (NY1, IIRC) on DiBlazio’s connections with the taxi lobby or something.

  46. Looking back over some old Facebook posts for something, I see I forgot about this NY1 article I shared on the electric yellow cabs over the summer (the news of the green cabs overshadowed it)
    It has silver added to it, so it really stands out, and no, I’ve never seen one of these out there.

  47. Ben busy, but still checking out green cars. Brooklyn still not entirely with the program regardless of what the TLC says in its stats. Did some scouting recently; Fenix a dud! What’s going on down there? Northern Manhattan / Bronx reign supreme. And the types of cars are a delight to see. More than just Camrys & Town Cars.
    TLC having an Xpo on Wednesday, 1/15/14; public invited. Got an email ticket and may just go check it out.
    Lots of cars now making use of the taxi stand on W231 St/ Bway. Many from Queens too.
    joe (gcf)

    • It’s like I said, the green cabs are all huddling in the same places. I thought I was going to get my first ride on one last night, assuming Queensboro Plaza would lave a bunch, but the only ones I saw there were all in the lane to go on the bridge. Just like all the yellow cabs there.
      (Did see 6P10,IIRC, with an all LCD sign that was on. Almost got a pic, but the gamera started acting funny).

      Occasionally see a Fenix car in my area, but again, it seems no one is interested in doing the program over here. Existing drivers don’t want to pay for it,and drivers who do go green just want to go to these same two or three areas, so that the program is just becoming a complementary ”shadow” of the yellow cab system for the Queens-Manhattan and Bronx-Manhattan corridors.

  48. Forgot to mention, the licenses are up to “AG” now; no pix yet.

  49. I like your insightful analogy, that is, calling the green cab system a “shadow” of the yellow system. Perhaps that is all too true. A shame. The TLC needs to review that, as, if you’ve seen on their website, all these multi-page studies available to read, with Brooklyn being a top provider of the “green” system, when there is so little happening in reality. Check out some of those studies at TLC.

  50. FINALLY, first green ride! Continental to Metropolitan, Crown Victoria AA634! (Likely originally a yellow cab). Only $11.50. From what I remember, the livery price for that is much more.

    • Good for you, man. Still haven’t tried to ride one. Not sure which car I’d like to ride.
      I see AA638 is High Class Bronx. Far from the Bronx, to say the least.
      Going to attend the TLC medallion expo tomorrow, to see what its like.

      • My mistake, 634. [fixed] That’s from MY CAR Service, which is one of the common bases of the cars that park over there.

  51. I need to re visit. Had lunch with a friend today, at THE BAGEL, (home of the “cragel), at S7 and Bedford Ave in Billysburgh. Amazing to see the caravans of greenies passing by. Oddly, though, most were from Upper Manhattan & the Bx. A few from Queens, some with no base label shown.
    Bklyn’s getting there!

    • But that’s Brooklyn adjacent to Manhattan (just like upper Manhattan and the Bronx and the Queens corridor are adjacent to the frequent taxi zone). This is still part of where they seem to be huddling. (I see them all the time on the bridge, now, going to or from Manhattan).
      Wish they spread out into more of Brooklyn.

  52. FINALLY! A green cab parked at the Myrtle-Wyckoff taxi stand! AA940 (NY Car Service).

  53. GREAT! I have never seen one from that base before.

    • I’m right now on the upper West Side, and seeing how many green cabs there are (this below the W110th St. limit), and was just wondering if they should move the line up further; maybe the rest of Manhattan, or maybe 125th or past there. Seems like the green cab’s primary function now is taking people from these adjacent zones into “the city”. It also just occurred to me; this leads to a lot of “non-revenue mileage”, since they cannot pick anyone up after they drop off these fares. So there would be more money for them if they stayed in the “outer boros”.

      (Haven’t seen any more greens in that space since. Hope the other guys didn’t “chase him out of there”
      I BTW am on my way to thet B&H strore. I see it must be Jewish and close early, for the sabbatd, but I’m hoping I can see whatever it was you were talking about through the window. I’m only off these two days and don’t feel like waiting and going on a Friday in the morning).

      • Yes, they close early Friday, reopen Sunday. Not sure if the buckets remain or even the tracks; good luck. But, google “photos or images of B&H”, and a page opens with im,ages inside & out.There is at least one pic of the green buckets sailing along the ceiling.

  54. Actually, several pix; I just rechecked.


    • OK, I was able to see them, even in the darkness of the store. Even took pictures, but the ones I see they have up are obviously better.

      • Greencabfan, photstream. 20 new pix, taken between 1/17 and 1/19.
        Includes one from my favorite “private” cab co, Co Op City Cars, which is also in the green SHL fleet.
        Njoy, and thanx for looking.

  55. Swore I finally saw an R cab recently: 1R10. Don’t think it was an A. On the current medallion list, 1R10 is not present, but 1A10 (a Ford hybrid) is the first on the list. So I’m not totally sure, but it really did look like an R.

    Anyway, I found this data sheet from December with maps and all, and it shows precisely the pattern I have noticed; of the green cabs huddling in the same areas of the boros that already had high yellow cab traffic: all along the rivers surrounding Manhattan and uptown Manhattan and the Queens corridor. The primary increase with the greens is western Bronx, and the furthest tip of upper Manhattan, and the Sheepshead Bay – Gerritsen Beach area.

    Click to access boro_taxi_market_study.pdf

    Drivers I ask keep saying they will continue to spread, as the next batch of medallions are handed out this year.

    It also looks like Roosevelt Island (as well as Randall’s Island) are being treated as Manhattan, which they politically are apart of, but roadwise, Roosevelt Island is connected to Queens (Randall’s is connected to three boroughs by toll bridges only), and yellow cabs are those dropping people off from elsewhere, and there’s no guarantee one will show up. So Roosevelt Island should be included as part of the green pickup zone, to increase the possibility of being able to hail something.

    • joe caronetti permalink

      Thanx for the link. Not sure what’s become of the planned taxi stands, although some older ones have been “officially” designated as such. Notice a list on the TLC website showing cars officially in use which I presume is for the yellow fleet. Absent from the list is Chevrolet Malibu, which I have seen and photographed. Did get a green Malibu recently, which was not fully “hacked up” as it had no base or number or even a “T” logo; just a TLC license plate. Lots of other strange vehicles in the SHL fleet.
      With the freezing weather of late, I have done little photographing and scouting. But I have done so in and after recent snow falls. Noticed the SHL bases are up to over 150 now, and it has been evident on many cars traveling in No. Manhattan & Bronx.
      One fave area to spot/ photo SHL’s is 125thSt. Many cars from far & wide roam across. Many stop at the Metro North station and wait awhile before leaving.
      Still not much luck in Ridgewood, but Williamsburg is hopping, especially on Bedford Ave.

      • I was thinking before, and other maps seem to support it, that perhaps they should move the Manhattan boundary either to 125th, or perhaps somewhere just north of there like 135th. Push some of these guys further out, it is very easy to get a yellow cab in those areas.

        Here’s also this article I found, that ironically thinks the green cabs are reluctant to bring people into Manhattan, because of the inability to pick up passengers! This was from September right after the program started, and I’ve watched how much the green cabs going over the Williamsburg Bridge had sharply increased somewhere between then and now, so that must have changed if it were so in the beginning.

      • joe caronetti permalink

        Actually, I was surprised to see that only the greens seem to stop & stay at the 125th St Metro North station, almost like the yellows don’t, or won’t maybe out of respect or… something else(?)

    • joe caronetti permalink

      Well, there’s one greenie I’ll never see. Seems one was in an accident with a mini school bus in Bklyn yesterday. Wish I knew the number and/ or base affiliation.

      • Saw this in the news yesterday. On the CNN footage (have to make it full screen, but then it becomes blurry), it looks like AB132. Also appears to be a Crown Victoria.

  56. joe caronetti permalink

    Yes, it was a Vic. Good aerial shot in the Daily News on Tuesday.

  57. On GMA, they began passing around a baton for a cancer cause, that looked like it had some electronic display in it saying “Siemens”. They hand it to the CEO of Siemens, who takes it to Presbyterian Hospital, in yellow cab 5X72 (a Crown Victoria).

    X did not seem to be a letter used. Even if it was a special cab, you would think that’s what the SBV’s would be used for (Which I keep seeing every now and then. Just saw one yesterday).
    So I don’t know i f this is a fake or not.

    • joe caronetti permalink

      Interesting. I’ll need to take closer note of the yellow fleet numbers, especially any “X”‘s.
      I shot pix today near the Gun Hill Bus Depot and found a bunch of new Dodge Caravans for the green fleet, brand new, even with dealer stickers in the windows, Some cars even had the license numbers but no base names applied. You would have liked.

  58. joe caronetti permalink

    Shooting greenies today, in Queens. Good to see so many. Checked out the corner in Kew Gdn. The cars were literally sprouting from the ground! Cars by the ton! All sizes & shapes. Love it.
    And my jaw dropped while riding the bus in the Bx today. A new green car car-card on the bus. This one shows two cars, a Crown Vic and a Prius with the SI Ferry in the background. Perfect shot. I want this poster.

    • Just saw AA940 in the line at Myrtle-Wyckoff. Right away saw the roof sign in the dark of the night. First time seeing one at that stand since the one in January. Just checked; and it was the same one, in fact! Nice to know at least this one guy wants to serve this area. Should have asked if the other drivers are giving him any trouble or anything.
      I did see one sitting across the way in front of Duane Reade, but I don’t think he was on duty.

      Also saw one leaving Bway Jct. Sun. See them passing by in the area from time to time.

  59. joe caronetti permalink

    On the “M” train this afternoon, spotted a yellow crown vic (4K51 I believe) with a working roof top digital (?) moving ad sign. First I’ve seen in ages!

    • Thanks! Always try to make note of those. Apparently, there’s a few of them still out there. (Still don’t see the amber LED’s at all, though).

      Edit: just awhile ago saw 5D30, which also has an LCD sign. The text part of it was changing slowly. Perhaps to solve the problem of distracting other drivers. So perhaps they’ll be putting more back out there.

      I was on my way to look at some new electronic sign at 23rd, that I pass by every day while working, but it was off. Looked like LCD at the quick glance passing by, but off, it looks like something else. Breaks the reflections down into an r-g-b rainbow, and the pixels look bigger and square like a plasma.

  60. joe caronetti permalink

    The bad news; I had my taxes done today (4/1/14) in Manhattan’s east side. The good news: I notice a few yellow cab 2014 Chevy Impalas now, plus at least two NV200’s AND the ever elusive yellow cab MV1. Photos of these on my greencabfan yahoo site. Please take a L00K.:) Trying to segregate the yellow stuff from the green.

    • I didn’t think they were allowing new Impalas now. The Camry seemed to be the official sedan, while they try to push the NV.

      I like the look of the MV better than the NV.

      Also saw a green cab waiting on the stationhouse side of Myrtle tonight (there’s a “Taxi Stand” sign there too, I think, though they usually don’t line up on that side).

  61. Recent cab related events:
    Saw a yellow Transit Connect on the bridge, but it wasn’t a taxi, it was a SCHOOL BUS. Couldn’t see which company, but it stopped on Havemeyer and S 5th.

    Also, had to go down Fulton for something last week, and see a bunch of green cabs up and down the street, and even some parked here and there, but none at Bway Junction.

    • joe caronetti permalink

      Outside Penn Station today & Grand Central too, I found a few yellow taxis with the moving digital roof top signs. 5D30; 1F98; 3B76.

      • I too am seeing them more. Don’t even bother to get the #’s anymore. Was just looking at one yesterday, and had to watch to make sure the image moved. So I figured this is what they are going with now. I guess it must not be as distracting to other drivers as the other ones.

        Still haven’t seen any greens with one, though.

        (Should also mention, the big new plasma display on 23rd St. 6th Av. southbound. Been up for a few weeks now. Advertises Boondocks and other Adult Swim stuff a lot).

      • joe caronetti permalink

        Not sure if you know, but there is another group added to the multitude of double deck tour buses. This new one is by MCIZ, not a stranger to the NY bus scene. They have at least 2 buses wrapped and called “the Stage”. The off-side (street side) of the bus has a large digital screen on it. I forget what they advertise;

  62. The big news now, which I didn’t hear until today when it was resolved, was the DiBlasio administration planning to delay the next batch of green medallions indefinitely, but then changing it’s mind, and pushing it back from next month to the end of the summer. (Glad I heard the second story first! Would have been so upset. Still waiting for more of these cars to begin spreading out more. See them passing by around me, but would still be hard to catch one.
    They basically remain “East River shuttles” to Manhattan for the neighboring “boro” areas, and “transit hub shuttles” on the Queens corridor).

    Other items, I think I saw another R cab (1R98, IIRC).

    Should mention that the plasma screen at 23rd has been replaced by a static sign (might be backlit, but hard to tell).
    (And I know I was seeing this new double-decker around, but what I was thinking of was Big Bus).

  63. I see a green cab in the taxi stand in the neighborhood, but it’s unmarked. I figure it’s one of the gypsies finally joining the program. But it’s in fact the opposite! I ask him and his friend (probably another one of the drivers), and the friend says that he had the medallion, but then gave it up! You could see where the roof light had been removed.

    He said they didn’t like it because you could only pick up in “certain areas” or they’d get in trouble. I pointed out that it was only Manhattan and the airports they couldn’t pick up, and the meters wouldn’t work. They didn’t seem to quite understand.

    In yellow cab news, I’m seeing a lot of R cabs now (a lot of them newer models like the NV). It must be a new letter they just expanded into.

    • joe caronetti permalink

      I missed an article in METRO newspaper last week dealing with green cabs. Not sure what it was about or if any other media carried the story. I did hear the Nissan NV200 was being accepted and they are so right! Plenty of them, but not as greens (yet).
      I was in DC last Saturday. Always a great taxi haven, lots of colors & types. Even more now with a new red/ gray cab serving the area, much like our greens. Lots of types of cars in red & gray, seems like one company but they all have different cab company names.
      I’ll get some fotos up on my yahoo page.
      On the subways, it was great 2 weeks ago when the (M) service began running all the way to Essex St from Metropolitan on weekends. It was inaugurated with the IND R 1/9 cars running ‘tween 10 am and 5pm. Lots of fun.

      • Yeah; I’m seeing more NV’s out there as well, but no green ones yet.
        A METRO article from last week doesn’t seem to be online. Don’t know how long it takes for them to be put up.
        Though checking AMNY, I find this ch11 video which says that the delay in the new round of permitsis about providing wheelchari accessibility.

        Funny, but on NYCTransit forums, somone posted an old picture of yours, apparently, of R11’s signed up as “A”, in a yard. The discussion was on train headlights.

      • joe caronetti permalink

        That story about wheelchair accessibility has to be one of the biggest farces. Riders of yellow cabs have been complaining about that for so very long, and look at how many cars in the yellow fleet ar not accessible. I believe that was a sticky point for not wanting the NV200, which are arriving daily.
        ( I saw one at a Nissan dealers in Pennsylvania in May; it was marked up as a NYC taxi)

  64. I’m really impressed with your writing skills and also with
    the layout on your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you
    modify it yourself? Either way keep up the nice quality writing,
    it is rare to see a nice blog like this one today.

    • joe caronetti permalink

      Suppose you’ll be out looking for pink mustaches. LYFT is set to take off today; not sure I’ll see one up here in the Bx.
      BTW what is “Uber”?; I’ve heard it a lot lately in the media..

      • I’ve never even heard of this.
        They just need to get the new batches of green medallions out, and somehow encourage them to spread out more and not stick to the same areas, and that wouldd render this new thing unnecessary! (Just passed by the green car that gave up the medallion. I see it in the neighborhood every other day, and still the only one that sits in the stand!)

  65. I guess they’re finally making an effort to get the yellows acessible with the new NV’s, and they’re reluctant to start a new series of cab that will be even less accessible. Remember, most of the greens (at least initially) were simply the private cars painted and marked. So the rules of what can be used were eased for the greens to allow all of those Towncars and such to be integrated. I’m seeing many greens using the same models as the yellows now, but it’s taken time for them to catch up.
    They want the NV to be the official taxi, but I’m sure it must be very hard for the green drivers to afford it (especially after it costing them enough to get the medallion to begin with).

  66. Just saw AG006 the other day. Like so many others, heading into Manhattan over the Williamsburg Bridge.

    So the second batch is starting to come out. The day before, I was still unable to find a green cab in my area, to take a shortcut downtown to pick, and then head out to medical revisit early in the morning. (You do still see them pass by occasionally, but it’s a long wait). So I had to use one of the gypsies, who wanted $20.

    To sum up what the pattern looks like, those who can afford medallions want to get as close to Manhattan as possible; or areas just as prestigious, such as the Queens corridor, and it’s not that nobody wants to drive around here, but that the ones that do are those who can’t afford medallions. (And perhaps then chase out any greens who do try to wait in the taxi stand?)

    I’m thinking maybe this program should add zones, like a second layer where they certain cars can’t pick, which would be the rest of Manhattan, the areas of the Boros adjacent to Manhattan, and other heavily used areas such as the Queens corridor. Then sell these medallions real cheap. That’s probably what it would take to get these gypsies into the program.

    You would need a new color. I keep seeing these jeeps (for a few years now) in this deep gold color, which is the closest thing to a deep (non-“whitish”) pure yellow, (which is what I would use to represent yellow as a background on signs to use with a white rather than black letter —like Broadway trunk subway routes, or road signs. The Broadway route on subway maps as well, of course).
    So instead of making the yellow greenish, you make it deeper, but it’s still a kind of “yellow”, and still a unique color. The taxi markings would have to become white. This would fit as a replacement for the gypsies as the local neighborhood cabs.
    Or, maybe just use white. (which in some respects would be like yellow). There are already some livery cars that use white, but these new ones would have the black taxi markings, of course, along with the roof equipment.

    • joe caronetti permalink

      Still in pursuit of cabs; slowed down for a while but back in full swing again.Still never saw an “AG” series, but saw and photo’d “BA305” associated with RPO Car & Limo. Caught in Queens today. Odd number. In the Bronx, last week I thought I saw a green car marked “supervisor”. I was on a moving bus so I won’t swear to that one.

      • That’s weird. Wonder why they jumped like that (of course, BT123 was the demo number). Maybe it could be fake?

        I was just awhile ago today thinking of sending in my suggestion (above), of creating a third tier, for neighborhoods. Still all gypsies in the taxi stands over here, like nothing has changed.

        In fact, they could ditch the base affiliation for the greens, for it doesn’t make sense for them to associate with a base in Brooklyn, and then head straight for Queens and upper Manhattan.

        They might as well have no affiliation like the yellows (for they are basically free roaming just like the yellows, only barred from Manhattan and the airports).
        The cabs affiliated with the bases would be the “neighborhood” cabs, which would pick up in the areas near the base. You would think that would have been what they would have done with the greens. If they’re going to jump to B numbers, that’s what they should be doing.

  67. joe caronetti permalink

    For the life of me, I cannot figure out what they are actually doing. Your statement about base affiliations baffles me too. I see cars affiliated with Queens, Brooklyn etc not only doing “business” here in the Bronx, but drivers actually park their cars here overnight; many in driveways of apartments and private homes. I’ve seen it in other boros too. Just how does affiliation work; of course the greens must be affiliated. That’s a basic rule of the game.
    Additionally, how do so many greens ply the streets without proper markings or base affiliations affixed to the cars?
    All very interesting to me, and part of the fun.

  68. When they first announced this, they said the cars would have to be “affiliated” with a base, and it could be any licensed base; they didn’t have to go near it; they were free to go anywhere except the yellow-only zones. So this was only a “nominal” affiliation. Not sure what that rationale for that was. Maybe the original idea was for them to have to start out in the area of the base, so that this would spread them out more. But then they probably complained, and got it changed so they could be anywhere [in the “boros”]; and so now, they’re all flocking to the same areas. (I do occasionally see one parked around here, and other than one or two passing by, that’s about it. Again, no matter where they live, they are all flocking to these same areas).

    Perhaps the yellows are all connected by radio to a central dispatcher (not sure how often this is used, or what the occasion), and so instead of tacking the greens on to that, they connect them to individual bases.

    (I occasionally see a car without the base markings too. Not sure how or why they do that).

    But they should just drop the affiliation for them; create a second central dispatcher for the boros, and create another cheaper level of medallions for these gypsy guys who do want to be in areas like this, but don’t have the money for even a green medallion. So then let them affiliate with the local base, and they would continue picking up in this area, but now it would be legal, and they would have the meters, card readers, etc.

    They probably should also move the limit in Manhattan up, perhaps to 125th or 135th or something. There are plenty of yellows on 125th and below, so you have this area that has both yellow and green.The area has become trendy enough (hence both kinds of cabs flocking there), and looks like it would be well served by the yellows, and those greens could be pushed out to better serve other areas.

  69. Here are some of the Newark Airport taxis that have copied the black circle “T” logo (As a bonus, the last uses a hexagram or Star of David):

    I also the other day saw another variant having a slightly bigger circle with thicker letter (what prompted me to finally go and get these), and the rear bulkhead had more black on it too.

  70. joe caronetti permalink

    Happy that you made the move to get these shots, which I have been putting off. On my trip to Albany two weeks ago I photo’s Universal Taxi, a Crown Vic in the outer boro green. It also uses that (T) like ours. I wonder if this is an ex outer boro car?

    • You saw this in Albany? Is this in your photos on the Yahoo group? I’d have to see it to assess whether it’s a former boro car. You say it’s running for this taxi service up there? Otherwise, I’d think it was a Boro driver who just went up there for some reason (like you get all the yellows that drive to Florida for vacation, or whatever).

  71. joe caronetti permalink

    I have not posted it on my Yahoo yet. It certainly is an authentic Albany car; not a boro car gone lost. Labeled Universal Taxi. Has that little yellow light over the trunk.
    Also TLC SHL list shows only six with the AG license but over 100 with the BA license.

  72. joe caronetti permalink

    Universal Taxi of Albany posted on the GCF yahoo site, under out of town taxis.

    • OK; yeah, that looks like a former Boro (even by the paint job, which looks like it’s second hand, the finish worn off; probably one of the first cars to go green, and then as an old Crown Victoria that was itself probably a former yellow, now they’ve replaced it with a newer car, and sold that car to someone up there).
      The “T” I think looks lightly different. The “T” letter on the NYC logo is slightly rounded, while that one looks straight cornered, at least on top. But it is in the same place and the same size, so they probably just modified the etter a bit (The logo is trademarked, I read).

      To be sure, is that the only one like that? (i.e. it’s not Universal’s livery). I looked up Universal Taxi, Albany, but couldn’t find much.

  73. 15 months after seeing that one green cab on the Palmetto/Wyckoff stand, and nothing since; and recently wondering what was going to happen with this, as the third and final batch of medallions roll out this year, I see one in the middle of the stand tonight; AF268, marked as affiliated with the neighborhood’s Fenix Car Service.

    So I ask him why more of them aren’t around. He at first says it’s a “bad area”, and I point out how the area is coming up, and that the livery cars all want to be here. He then says because people don’t tip them, and don’t appreciate them. (And I pointed out how I would).
    So that must be it! I guess the other cars don’t mind, because of the $7 minimum fare (NYC meter cabs are about $3), and being able to haggle the prices.

    He also mentioned something about a delay in medallions, but that we will see more around there sometime. Hope so.

    • joe caronetti permalink

      Thank you for the update. Of course, more & more are appearing, various types of cars as well. New numbers in the “BA” and “BB” series, however one car (AE944) has been replaced with another, a 2015 Camry. It lives in my Bronx neighborhood. Also here is Joy Car Service BA672, completely devoid of markings, decals and TLC plate. Now a green civilian car. It is a Crown Vic.

      • Was wondering if you were still around.
        I’ve been seeing the BA’s more as well.
        So you’re saying a car dropped out of being a taxi? (I had seen one like that a while back). How did you even know its number, then if it had no markings?

      • joe caronetti permalink

        Yes, still around. Wondered the same of you. I have pix of the former Joy car. The markings were off, as was the roof top sign, logo, etc, but the residue was still visible at close range.

      • joe caronetti permalink

        Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2015 02:48:20 +0000 To:

      • joe caronetti permalink

        If the Nissan NV200 is the favorite cab for NYC, why is the yellow fleet being inundated with 2015 Camrys? And now I see new styled Ford Transits. The new Camrys are filtering into the green fleet as well. So far, no MV1’s in green or new Ford Transits, at least, not that I’ve seen.

  74. I guess they’re still phasing them in, slowly. (I too have noticed never seeing the NV in green).

  75. OK, now I’ve finally managed to catch the number of a green NV: BA424.

    Was just thinking, we’ve seemed to have hit a plateau now, where all the green cabs have flocked to all the same places, and they can only be seen parked or passing through my area, but the taxi stand remains 100% livery, as if the program never existed.

    Also, if the ’13 medallions were AA, and ’14 was BA, then you would think ’15 would start with CA, but I’ve never seen “C”. Wonder if this year’s batch has been held up, or something.
    If so, I hope they’re taking my suggestion and issuing the remaining 6000 as cheaper “neighborhood” cab medallionss that have to stay in the area of the base. That seems to be the only way to solve the problem, since the outside drivers have deemed that these areas don’t tip enough.

    • joe caronetti permalink

      Great observation. My question is why so many are running around without SHL base names on the car’s flanks?

      • I notice that too.
        In conjunction with what I just said, I hope it’s changing the system so that the current greens don’t need to be associated with a base (which is silly, when they all just head away from the base to the same areas; they should just have their own command center), and instead, ones that do associate with the base operate in the local area.

        I have no evendence anyone has even heard my idea, but it really would be the fruition of what the green cabs were supposed to be.

  76. joe caronetti permalink

    Interesting new poster on the subway and ad in the papers for Healthfirst Insurance.Shows a close-up of a green cab; looks so authentic except for the cab number “AAF89”. Not in the green cab series. Number changed to protect the innocent?

    • Kept an eye out for the poster, and didn’t see it, but just found a flyer on the table where I eat dinner, at work. There were other ones left behind, too. They were probably there selling it, as those insurance companies often do.

      Don’t know why they would bother to change the number like that. I wondered if the “F” was really part of a “6”, but it doesn’t look like it.

  77. joe caronetti permalink

    Oddly enough, that flyer came in the mail as insurance companies are out to get new recruits this time of year. So, I saved the flyer at least.

  78. On the green cab front these days, AA300 has been the sole car sitting among the liveries at the local stand. I see it around noon, and in the evening as well.

    This past week, I end up running late and missing the train, from seeing a sodium street light being replaced with a new LED fixture (and which I thought wouldn’t happen around here for a long time, because of the retro style poles and fixtures we have), and so I catch the car at the stand, happy to finally get to take advantage of the new service from my end.
    But it turns out the meter and card reader are totally dead. So it was the same price bargaining, and having to take the money out at the other end, as with all the other cars. He said the car was being borrowed. So I think it’s probably another car on its way to being decomissioned or something.

    • joe caronetti permalink

      Finally saw my first “BC” series car, BC078 of Go Car. Spotted and photo’s at W125th street.

  79. joe caronetti permalink

    Additionally, I saw a NV200 Nissan for a green cab; didn’t catch the number or shl base nam, however.

  80. Cab Drivers Say City’s Failure To Regulate Uber Is ‘Killing Us’

    I earlier reported on the “plateau” we hit, and this is how it has remained. They apparently aren’t going to issue the remaining 1000 or so green medallions; especially now with news like this. Our “taxi stand” is still lined with the illegal livery pickups, and there is really no difference here than before the green cab program started. (Again, other than seeing one pass by now and then).

    So this has basically forced us (and the whole area, basically) to Uber (and I guess Lyft). There are probably many other areas in the boros that are off the beaten paths the greens flock to, and this would help these new services as well. As early as two years ago, the number of new Uber licenses had just eclipsed the entire fleet of yellow taxis! The [expensive] medallions “have plummeted in value by 80 percent in the last five years”. People still paying for them have fallen into bankruptcy over unpaid debt on them!

    My wife uses it to go just about anywhere in Brooklyn or Queens she has to go. I also got the app, though haven’t had the money to put into it yet. (this will be the “cab allowance I used to imagine, when running late and needing a car at the last moment).
    So we didn’t tip enough in this area, and they didn’t want to come here (just like the yellows), then we have only helped build up this new competition.

    You just hop on and off, and don’t have to worry about having or digging out cash, or whether the card reader works, or figuring out a tip (and them not being happy with it, and then not coming back. I guess this is perfect for all us “non-tippers”).
    The only drawback is not being able to hail. Still, they show up so fast that it can be the same or even sometimes quicker than hailing, though you have to fumble with the phone and the app.

    So it seems this thing is dead now, and Uber and Lyft are the future. The medallion owners want among other things, some sort of “cap” on the new services, but “Capping the number of Ubers would only hurt the millions of outer borough riders who have long been ignored by yellow [and green also] taxis and who don’t have access to reliable public transit.” So, they want to punish us and leave us with nothing, then? (Just like the yellows initially opposed the greens).

    Hopefully, the medallion system will instead be forced to change to adopt to the new industry to compete. (Like I think I heard they might set up a Uber-like system).

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