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My request to the new Mayor-Elect

November 17, 2013

Was waiting until the new mayor got in, to send a few suggestions. This morning on the ch.7 Sunday programs, I hear of a program with a tent set up in lower Manhattan where you could write suggestions on a note. I looked this up, and found out you could do it online as well:

So here’s what I sent:

I’ve been waiting for a non-Republican mayor, to request the reversal of Guiliani’s placing of alcohol advertisements back in the subway. Dinkins had gotten them out, but Giuliani got them back in. Bloomberg kept them in (even as he waged war on stuff like the size of soft drinks).
Alcoholism is a big problem in many forms, from domestic abuse to drunk driving, and while we can never get rid of the substance, it really doesn’t need to be advertised.

Also, I’ve heard that you are against the Boro Taxi program that just started. I think it is a great program, and the metered green cabs would be very handy in my area (where I haven’t started to see them yet), and I was looking forward to the program continuing to expand.
I’m hearing the yellow taxi drivers have even come to appreciate the program. So please do not stop or reverse it.

Also, I’m with TWU Local 100, so please make sure us, and other civil service unions, get our contracts, and I hope you’ll reverse the opinion that we’re just “thugs” who should have no bargaining rights.

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