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So America’s tough “no whining” attitude comes to THIS?

May 23, 2014

South Carolina woman who lost husband, son on 9/11 asked to halt emotional museum visit for VIP party.
Susan Simon planned months ahead to spend a quiet Tuesday at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum to see where her family’s unidentified remains were kept. She was initially barred because of Tuesday’s VIP party.

“The staffers claimed the museum was being cleared out for final preparations ahead of Wednesday’s public opening.

It wasn’t until 24 hours later that Simon learned the museum was closed early for an invite-only party attended by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and a bevy of big shot donors.”

I hear about this story, and am a bit alarmed, but in some ways it figures, as the corporate and government “ivory tower” mentality is out of control, and as reflected in many of the political issues I’ve discussed, the elite really think of everyone else as just “little people” who don’t matter. Much of society is totally unaware of this mindset, because they’ve bought into this notion of “freedom”, where the higher-ups all legitimately “deserve” their domination, and they don’t really that they too are seen as “little people” and screwed by them, but they’ve been led to blame those even further below them, and so it goes.

My sentiment had been echoed by this one commenter:

“Influential people who repeatedly misuse their power at the expense of others are as much a threat to society as criminals who act out because of them.”

But before I even got to that, and was reading the first comments, I was shocked by what I was seeing. It’s right out of conservative “Tea Party”-style ranting on government assistance programs or the income gap (and this, not Wall Street Journal, New York Post, or the conservative websites and Facebook pages, but rather New York Daily News):

“Go the next day or check the schedule before you go. Without these ‘Party People’ and the money they donated, there would be no museum.”

“Very well said–enough of the whining. These people were given money by generous US taxpayers and should either shut up or give the money back.”

“Totally agree. Without these donations there would be no Memorial Museum.
My heart hurts for all the people that lost their lives and their families, and be thankful that you have a place to visit.”

Thankfully, there were a handful of people responding to this:

“You all are a bunch of jerks….she wanted to go before it opened to the public so she could have some privacy and be with other’s who lost people on that day…you jerks do not read…..and she traveled from South Carolina to visit the remains of her son and husband… can you be so rude to her, bet you would all be singing a different tune if it had been someone you loved who died that day. I feel so sorry for you, and yeah without the money there would be no museum, but without the tragedy of that day, there would be no need for a museum… does not trump human loss, I am sorry….”

A response to this says that this third commenter
“was on here just the other day whining because she says her husband ‘almost’ died that day in his office in the WTC. Cold, nasty and hypocritical.”

When one person says:

“Lets see the guest list of the Uber-Progressive One-Percenters dancing on the grave of 9/11 victims… Which big donors were at the big party? Print the big money creep list.”

We get:

“Why? So you can complain that they donated THEIR money?”

“Actually, I’d prefer to see a list of all the whiners and complainers who donated any time, money, or effort into this museum. Something tells me that it will be a very short list.”


“Oh please. Enough with milking this non-story.”

“Seriously, what a sense of entitlement these people have. One year, I took a friend who was visiting NY for the first time (and came all the way from another country, BTW, not another state) to the Hayden Planetarium. The day we went, it was closed to the public that evening, because every so often it had to hold special events for the donors that were keeping it financially afloat. All I and my friend did was have a friendly five minute chat with the hostess, shrug our shoulders, and then walked away. I guess what we should’ve done was thrown a temper tantrum like a pair of 5 year olds and scream to the press about it, about how this friend traveled thousands of miles across the Atlantic to be shut out by ‘snobby elites’.”

“How can you compare a pedestrian visit to the Hayden Planetarium to this situation? This woman was not a tourist she was coming because she lost both her son and husband in the towers and it was her moment to pay respects – not really any different from visiting a cemetery – except that she has no remains of her son to put in a cemetery.. That is a big difference – if a person were to judge all of humanity from the coldness of some of the posters on these blogs they would lose all hope in humanity.”

“9/11 families and responders seem to have this sense of entitlement that they can enter places whenever they please. Fair enough. If the 9/11 Museum one day has a special event where only they are allowed to enter, I’ll make sure to show up unannounced and then make a big stink to the press about how I wasn’t allowed to enter, too. Fair is fair.”

“They did not let anyone know they were closing early….IT WAS NOT PUBLICIZED….people seem to miss this little bit in every story…guess you can’t read…and she was never given all of her husband or any of her son…that is her only place to go…..and 9/11 families have more rights as far as I am concerned….it is amazing, right after it happened the families were embraced and loved…now they are slammed and berated. I think that is what is wrong with this world….unless we are the center of the story, we don’t care about it….”

“Her poor planning is her own fault.”

“She did not know, no one knew they wanted to close it early……and if not for those who died, there would not be a museum either……wow I can tell you didn’t lose anyone close to you….so sad….Americans have turned into callous jerks……”

Then, an argument about refreshments at gravesites. As was pointed out, “refreshments” are a far cry from a full blown party!

In this next one we can get a sense of why these responses sound so much like the conservative economic defenses:

“This is headline news? REALLY???? Yes, tragic. But people die tragically every day in car accidents and by other means unexpectedly. Yet their families don’t get trust funds or continuing monies unless they had their own life insurance policies or other financial means. 9/11 was a tragic day, but I don’t think a woman being asked to come back tomorrow deserves front page booking. Wasn’t their some other injustice or postive story in NYC yesterday that the NYDN could have highlighted? Maybe some random act of kindness by a first responder somewhere else in NYC???”

So that’s what this is about, and the common thread in all such rhetoric: 9-11 victims are among the economic “takers”, and they really haven’t “earned” anything like those funding the museum.

All of this, mind you, as I’m going down my Facebook feed, and I had also see a Fulfilled View friend cite Bill gates as saying “The most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” and then ask:

“If that is true, why are most evangelicals and fundamentalist Christians quick to say, ‘Those leaving the church are just not committed to Christ.’ Or, worse, to quote the words of Thom Rainer, CEO of Lifeway Christian Resources, ‘I would therefore suggest that the main reason people leave a church is because they have an entitlement mentality rather than a servant mentality‘.”

My response to that was:

They might object to using a secular corporation as an example of how they think, but they should consider the fact that their organizations are technically corporations (“non-profit” ones, albeit), and many of them reap the some of the benefits of being “CEO’s” in these corporations.
So they go by the old adage from revivalist Sam Jones that “the Pastor is King and the pulpit is his throne”, so they believe they are the only ones “entitled” to anything. (Rather than them being the “servants”. —Just like many of their secular counterparts; except that their positions don’t even usually pretend to be “ministers” to others).

The utter irony is that the ones saying stuff like this would probably be the very ones to hastily leave if they thought these “ingrates” weren’t giving enough!

Everyone in this society, from the conservative Church down (the supposed “top-down” source of “morality”) accuses those with less as feeling “entitled”.
It’s pure shadow-projection!

One good observation in the 9-11 article comments:

“The REAL VIP’s are the families and friends of those who were murdered on 9/11….I knew as soon as they announced that there would be something built at Ground Zero that those who lost loved ones and those who perished in the line of duty were being disrespected. I knew it would only be about $$$ for those who dared to profit off what happened on that terrible horrible day!

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