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July Police Shootings and protest aftermath

July 17, 2016

Jul 06, 2016 2:28pm

‘He’s got a gun! Gun’: Video showing fatal confrontation emerges after Tuesday morning shooting…

Tim Wise, via Facebook:

Soon will come the rationalizations for the cold-blooded execution we see on this video. In rough order:

1) He had a gun. Yes, apparently…in his pocket, untouched in this encounter (his arms are pinned), and in an open carry state where he has every right to have one on his person (thanks to the same people who will defend his death, ironically). His possession of a weapon under these circumstances can in no way justify his death;

2) He didn’t go down when the cops tased him and his body jerked around after he was tackled, meaning he was resisting arrest (i.e., “why can’t ‘these people’ just comply with officers’ orders?”). Yes, but he also wasn’t aggressing against them, and once tackled he was immobilized. Did he jerk around a bit? Sure, which is a natural response any of us will likely make when getting tackled. It is not instinctual for a person to just go limp when they are tackled, especially if they feel they are being tackled for no reason. The natural reaction is to struggle against the discomfort being caused, not to simply be entirely still, especially if the tackle is causing pain. In this regard it is similar to Eric Garner, who struggled against the officer’s arm around his neck because it was cutting off blood supply — an entirely automatic response. If you don’t believe me, next time a stranger jumps on top of you, tell me what you do. The fact that it was an officer in this case doesn’t matter. The human mind and body don’t react differently to aggression just because the aggression wears a badge;

3) He had a criminal record. Yes, he apparently did. But none of those offenses were capital offenses, and none of them have anything to do with this event. If having a record justifies cops killing you, then by that logic, anyone ever arrested for a crime who has a prior should just be jailed immediately without a trial, or just executed, as the logic is exactly the same. And let’s be honest, if he had NO record, the police would still defend the action of the officers, as would the right wingers who will do so in this case. His prior record simply gives them cover for defending an otherwise indefensible action;

…oh and of course, 4) What about Chicago? What about black on black violence? Yes of course, except a) people go to jail for that, regularly; b) that isn’t done in the name of the state with our tax dollars; c) much of that violence is itself the result of a justice system that doesn’t truly protect black people, and thus isn’t trusted (surprise surprise given the recently uncovered history of John Burge and the CPD torture den), and as such encourages folks’ to settle beef on their own; and d) by the logic that says “black folks killing other black folks” invalidates concern over extra-judicial execution or racism, the same thing could have been said in the 1920s. Even then, more black folks died at the hands of other blacks than at the hands of police or other whites (because people are more likely to be killed by people they live around), but most rational people would not conclude from that fact that the fight against lynching or racism or police violence was wrongheaded

…and lets not forget, finally, that there are 2.5 to 4 times (depending on how the tabulations are done) more white-on-white crimes every year than black-on-black ones but we never call them that…Why not? Because we racialize black dysfunction and individualize white dysfunction…because of white supremacy. That is all.

Jul 06, 2016 4:19pm
I want to reiterate a point from my last post regarding the killing of Alton Sterling by a Baton Rouge police officer, because it speaks to something that rarely gets discussed when these things happen. Seems like every time an officer kills someone (regardless of race, but especially when the person is a black male), folks want to know why the person killed had to “resist” the police? Why didn’t they just remain calm and still and do as asked? Putting aside the historical and ideological response (true though it is) about how hard it is for people who are constantly disrespected by police to suddenly be deferential to them, and putting aside the fact that cops kill folks who aren’t resisting plenty of times too (Tamir Rice, John Crawford III, Akai Gurley, Rekia Boyd, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Amadou Diallo, etc), ask yourself:

Have you ever been tackled by someone who then proceeded to get on top of you and hold you down, the way Sterling was? Or choked the way Eric Garner was, by someone who was compressing your jugular, thereby disallowing blood re-circulation from your brain to the rest of your body? If not, consider how unlikely it is that the natural response you would have to either of these would be to “relax,” “stay calm” or comply with what was happening. Even if the person doing it to you was a cop, the fight-or-flight instinct that is part of all of us would kick in. Even people who EXPECT to be tackled (like running backs, for instance) have a tendency to struggle against the person doing it when it happens and they hit the ground, especially if the tackle was painful. And that’s people who know a tackle is coming and for whom being tackled is part of their job, not just some average person.

Going limp in such a situation is a) not easily done, because of the fight-or-flight instinct to stiffen up and try and get loose; and b) is considered by police to often be ANOTHER FORM OF RESISTANCE ANYWAY, because it makes carrying you away more difficult. I learned this during political protests over two decades ago. We would try and go limp when being carted away by cops but it was hard to do in practice and often made the cops even angrier because now we were dead weight and they had to work harder, so they got even more brutal…

In other words, we are asking average folks to become critical thinkers about their own physiological response to a very stressful and scary moment (i.e., being tackled or choked by a cop, or beaten as happened to Rodney King who “kept trying to get up”), even though moments like that are NOT known for being moments where critical thinking is likely, even as we are NOT asking police who are trained and agents of the state to think critically about how to de-escalate and hold fire. We are asking more of average citizens than the police. Police should not have to think before acting, but the person they are attacking should…it’s lunacy, truly.


“A month ago, when 49 people were slaughtered in a gay club, we were told the blame lay at our feet, because if only everyone were allowed to carry a gun, we’d be safe.
Today, after a black man was held down, shot at very close range and murdered, we’re told he would have been safe if only he weren’t armed.
Which is it?’’

One FB friend; #‎FalconHeightsShooting‬ “I hope the NRA floods the streets in protest. After all, he was a good guy with a gun.”

My comment:
Of course they won’t. NRA is big repose of these people who think blacks are dangerous animals, and hence one of the reasons why they want to stockpile guns for themselves so much in the first place. The “right to bear arms” isn’t for blacks (just like “liberty” originally wasn’t), it’s just for them. (And maybe a few “good ones” who’ve joined the organization. But certainly not the much maligned guys on urban streets).

LeeAnne Milazzo McCarthy

Tim Wise
July 8 at 9:14am ·
The shooting of officers in Dallas was entirely unjustifiable and evil. It also cannot be blamed on the Black Lives Matter movement. Indeed BLM principals are condemning it openly and strongly. Not only do such folks not believe in violence or attacking cops (and indeed, no one actually affiliated with the movement has attacked a cop in the two+ years of its existence), they know (as do we all involved in this struggle) that acts like this will only embolden the far-right, quasi-fascist forces that seek to crack down on people of color even harder. To blame BLM for acts like this is to say that protest movements are inherently to blame whenever someone, totally unaffiliated with their cause, decides to do something terrible to those being protested. Such a standard would chill free speech entirely.

Tim Wise
July 8 at 10:17am ·
Right-Wingers like to talk about “personal responsibility” a lot when it comes to black people, as in, they should take “personal responsibility” for their lives/communities, etc. But when it comes to an individual or individuals who kill police, they suddenly switch to “collective responsibility” with a quickness and are ready to blame black folks more broadly or black-led movements. But if you believe in personal responsibility, then only the shooter or shooters is/are to blame for what happened in Dallas.

My comment:
Yeah, the whole problem is looking at others as monolithic entities, rather than people. Then, they hold themselves up as “par”, and then only when comparing to themselves, do people become individuals. But then every individual in the other group remains culpable for what the group does.

Conservative Media Finally Starting To Realize That Racism Is A Problem
One conservative columnist says “police brutality toward African-Americans is a pervasive problem that has been going on for generations.”

Black GOP Senator Talks About Being Pulled Over By Police 7 Times In One Year

Criminalizing the hustle: Policing poor people’s survival strategies from Eric Garner to Alton Sterling
Garner sold loose cigarettes; Alton Sterling hawked CDs — and they both died at the hands of police

Why President Obama can’t bring us together

there are significant numbers of white people who will always believe that on issues of race, Obama is intentionally trying to set Americans against each other, no matter what he actually does or says. Any reasonable observer would look at his statements about racial controversies and see someone being painfully careful and tentative, struggling to confront the reality of discrimination and racism without offending whites. But for his trouble, he has been cast by his opponents as a racial avenger, some kind of Black Panther using the powers of the presidency to wreak vengeance upon innocent white people.

Republicans have told themselves a story in which the nation was moving toward racial harmony until Barack Obama came into office and immediately began dividing us over race, pitting blacks against whites and tearing the country asunder. And they have been telling their constituents this from the moment he took office. No one familiar with conservative media can deny that it has featured a festival of race-baiting since 2009, blaming Obama for every racial incident anywhere and casting all his policy decisions as motivated by the desire to stick it to white people. Some black kids beat up a white kid on a school bus? “Obama’s America, white kids getting beat up on school buses now,” Rush Limbaugh, the most popular radio host in America, tells his listeners.

Another FB friend:
“Blaming the Black Lives Matter movement for division is like blaming victims of rape for speaking out. They are NOT the source of division.”

Don’t Blame Black Lives Matter For The Deaths Of Dallas Cops
“Black Lives Matter advocates equality, justice and freedom. Not Murder.”

No, We Are Not In The Midst Of A Race War
Calling this a ‘Race War’ implies only one side should win.

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder: We Can Grieve For Dallas And Still Demand Accountability
“We are not anti police. We are anti-our-people-being-murdered-in-the-streets.”

Jon Stewart You can have great regard for law enforcement and still want them to be held to high standards

Tim Wise
July 10 at 8:34am ·

Got a thought-provoking e-mail from someone who follows my work this morning (Danny Molina) and wanted to give him credit for the following thought, which his e-mail raised:
So, here we have most people on the right condemning black folks for “resisting” law enforcement (not fully complying with their own brutalization, or simply struggling mildly when tackled as with Alton Sterling or Eric Garner for instance). We are told by them that resisting law enforcement is grounds for execution
And yet, when these folks talk about their fears that the government is coming for their guns, what do they PROMISE to do? They PROMISE, as in guaran-damn-tee, that they will resist law enforcement, even to the point of shooting it out with them when that same law enforcement comes to “take their weapons.” I mean, who do they think is gonna come to the door and demand that they hand over their high-capacity magazines? President Obama himself? AG Lynch? No. It would be uniformed law enforcement officials. (Not that it would be OK to shoot it out with Obama or Loretta Lynch either, but ya know, they would probably think that was different, so I’m just sayin’) Of course in truth it isn’t going to happen and these people are paranoiacs, but you get the point, yes?
Basically, they are saying that black people shouldn’t resist denial of equal protection (14th Amendment) or Due Process (5th Amendment), or Freedom of Speech (1st Amendment), but by God, if someone messes with that precious 2nd Amendment, oh hell no…then not only can you resist an officer by talking back or refusing to comply with an order, you can SHOOT IT OUT with that officer in the name of your rights…
In other words, in the eyes of a lot of folks on the right, the Constitution is for white people…

My comment:

That’s the great double-standard.
Only their “rights” are valid, and so when the government is at odds with them it needs to be brought down, and they are rugged heroes for fighting for their rights. Blacks don’t have “rights”, they have false “entitlements” (there’s a difference, as they define them, see previous article), and so when they react, it’s falsely playing a “victim”, and “whining” to get “free stuff” they haven’t “earned”, or to justify the criminal “pathology” the police are trying to contain.
So they don’t have the right to protest, resist or anything; government strong-arming is valid against THEM, so they should just submit. (Just like 150 years ago, as much as they claim we’ve come so far from that! Remember, their forebears vowed “the south shall rise again”)

This is the entire conservative racial ideology in a nutshell, just hidden behind all the indirect language.

Einstein on race:

Being CONtorted how about all lives matter with tweets

discussion of black lives matter phrase

Rudy Giuliani’s Shameful MSNBC Appearance On Dallas Shooting

The Real Problem in America: _______ Like Rudy Giuliani

DL Hughley: ‘The Only Place Racism Doesn’t Exist Is Fox News’

People Aren’t Too Happy About President Obama’s Town Hall On Race
One activist called it “a bunch of fluff.”

My comment:
“POTUStownhall is just a none too subtle blue lives matter party”. Would this ever satisfy the conservatives who claim he does nothing but “divide” the races (in favor of “black lives” only) and stir up hatred against cops? Of course not! These types of statements are always invisible to the other side, but they are just enough to anger the first side, so that everyone ends up critical of him.

The Alt-Right‘s Fear of a Black Planet

This is basically the collective term for the ideologues (white nationalists,white identity, other “supremacist movements, etc) leveling the “cuckservative” term at mainstream conservatives seen as selling out for dog whistling instead of auduble whistling, like they are.

Ian Haney Lopez’s post: Jul 13, 2016 2:26pm
“And another article on Trump’s support among white supremacists — or, using their nomenclature, among the ‘alt right.’ The move here is to sanitize racism by re-packaging it, not as hatred of others, but as love of one’s own group in a world in which each group is supposedly out for itself. In this narrative, whites are the only group not allowed to express pride in their identity or to have clubs or political agendas promoting their interests, making whites the real racial victims in today’s zero-sum racial competitions. The supposed antidote: whites must organize around their white identity and protect white interests (and vote Trump). In a country deeply rooted in and still fundamentally shaped by white supremacy, alt-right is only its newest incarnation.”

“White nationalism has moved into the mainstream, like it or not.”
The KKK is trying to make a comeback – and Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric is only adding fuel to their fires.

Did you know Researchers have proven, scientifically, that we are all one people

Unfortunately, something called “culture” has developed around the different skin colors, and THAT’s what the racists (most, now actually claiming to be “colorblind” themselves) are judging by now. Another group’s “culture” is bad, and that’s why they deserve to be shot, or have no right to complain until they clean up their “problems” first. This is how they think now.
So while the “alt-right” is still pitching genetic differences, the so-called “cuckservatives” they have been criticizing are still benefitig them, by providing a “colorblind” front for the beliefs to fester behind. Now, they seem ready to erupt!

Nikki Lee Martinez
July 9 at 12:58pm · Pueblo, CO ·
No one is born into policehood.

It is not a race or a religion. It’s not a skin color. There are no blue men born to blue mothers. Although individual humans collectively embody a blue-clad police force, it remains an extension of the judicial body of our government.

As such, the police are a symbol of our judicial system that is most interpersonal to us as citizens. They are the face of American law–law that is unarguably founded on racism and historical, ingrained white supremacy. This racism, passive and subconscious at times, rampant and apparent at others, works its way through police officers like a fluid–their words, their hands, their guns and their citations based on racist laws that are carried out in racist court hearings and punishable by racist sentences. In this way, it is a fluid that chokes and drowns its victims– inevitable because it is systemic; pervasive because it is foundational.

So when people say “blue lives matter”, they unwittingly assert that members of our government–whom we interact with personally and often–are above scrutiny because they are humans and yet somehow not also voluntary members of a larger, complex and tax-funded system. This revered acknowledgement of humanity in the “blue lives matter” movement of course conversely applies to the publics they serve, as well. But unlike police officer humans, black-skinned, civilian humans do not clock out after a shift, take off the blue, retire eventually; they aren’t applauded for a lifetime of the dangerous line of work they’ve endured when they pass away–a line of work known as being black in America–that is exhausting and heavy and assuredly beautiful in private moments away from the unending racism they face every day.

No. Being black isn’t a uniform.

Of course there are those who don the blue hue who are just, kind, ethical–but these men and women in blue, not unlike their corrupt counterparts, applied for and were hired to uphold government positions in a historically corrupt, broken and dangerous system. Dangerous for them and dangerous for black people. We in the movement can appreciate efforts toward change from the inside, and we can mourn their deaths because they indeed are humans, but we know we have the right to criticize and protest our government–especially when it becomes ungoverned and tyrannical–especially when it is overwhelmingly and fatally interpersonal–especially when it is our lives and the lives of our fellow citizens at stake.

There are so obviously no blue people born to blue mothers, but there are most certainly black people–husbands, wives, children–who deserve a just government that includes and depends on folks in blue. Folks in blue who, in time, can be relied on to consistently protect them. Folks who, in this moment in time, are caught in a system that favors and exudes racism.

It is of the utmost importance that people understand that what is being said, being shouted, being plead and bled for, is that those of us protesting this judicial sect of government are asking for the reform of a system, not for the lives of other humans who are paid to wear blue and to protect us civilians. We are asking for acknowledgement of and an end to a sick machine that continues to churn despite black bodies being crushed in the cogs.

We are begging–as black people have had to too often in the history of this country–that their lives, black lives, matter. The slogan new, the sentiment hundreds of years old. We plead that their beating hearts count. It is not much to ask; it is painfully obvious, and yet we are shouting until our lungs bleed against unnecessary counter arguments–blue lives, ‘all’ lives, everyone else but black lives it seems.

So we say again and again and again until it is accepted wholly: black lives matter. Black lives exist to be counted. We are demanding to tear down the machine, building in its place a new order that can’t be fed by blood and bones, that includes black people in its foundation so that they and the blue-clad folks can stop clashing and begin a civilian-government relationship worthy of American pride.

The BLM movement asks that you hear us. Join us. Demand with us. Or, at the very least, be quiet so we don’t have to shout over you.

That is all.

A FB and typology friend of mine is involved in this one! Says the police break through a ring of white people and arrest the blacks only!

Eighteen arrested in Portland as group protesting police shootings blocks Commercial Street

I can identify with this one, as I too had though we were so “post-racial”, and began to see the depths of racism on the internet, especially Facebook:

We Were Never Friends, We Just Grew Up Together
View at

Particularly striking:

After high school…Some of my childhood friends…were able to keep in touch via Facebook. We would like each other’s pictures and status updates occasionally.
I would visit their Facebook pages occasionally to check in, that is when I first began to notice that our differences continued to develop as we grew older. But this growth made me uncomfortable, even angry at times. Most of it was anti-Obama rhetoric.

It offended me, but I chalked it up to just being a difference in political ideology. Even though I slightly felt their arguments were rooted in racism. As Facebook began to become more popular I saw more of my classmates and friends sharing their ideals, principles and personal views. I too was very active on social media, typically voicing my concerns of injustice and the state of the black community.

Some where between the re-election of Barack Obama and the murders of black and brown bodies at the hands of law enforcement, I saw my white friends grow comfortable in their anti-blackness. I watched them share racist right wing articles and argue who was worthy of life and humanity.

I watched my friends who I played, went to school, laughed and even occasionally got in trouble with devalue my life and reality.

Individual Police Shootings are the Tip of the Spear

In DC, wiggling while handcuffed counts as assaulting an officer

NYPD cop secretly records supervisor pressuring him to racially profile black men

This should remind us of this warning from last year:

FBI warns racist groups have been infiltrating law enforcement for years

Why Have We Forgotten The FBI’s Warning That White Supremacy Had Infiltrated Law Enforcement?

Perhaps this answers my question of how cops can have no shame in killing after other highly publicized incidents. It might just be an orchestrated plan capitalizing off of the publicity.

Not directly about these latest incidents, but still about a very much racist system:

Our Bail System Is Leaving Innocent People To Die In Jail Because They’re Poor

When I read all of this, in light of everything else here, what comes to mind is the old vow, “The South shall rise again!” This is part of how they are truly aiming to make it happen, and Trump is their great hope!

(Breaking: As I prepare this article, the next incident occurs, shooting of police officers in Baton Rouge!)

More good memes:

amaerica is mad at black people for saying black lives matter we mad for having to say it at all

where are all the second amendment purists defending #AltonSterling's right to carry a gun

America repeat after me resisting arrest is not punishable bu instantaneous death

561 people killed by cops this year don't blame all cops 5 cops killedlast noght blame Obama and entire BLM

Reminder NRA has spent decades telling Americans they should have assault weapons so we can take up arms against our own govt Well a man in Dallas did just that yesterday

black woman holding red sign you're only blue 40 hours a week I'm black 24/7 365

white people bragging about how they'd run over BLM protesters are now wondering what kind of monster would drive a truck into a crowd of people

Regarding the gun issue in general:

On a much more positive note:

After Dallas, Mount Vernon police officers and the community came together – with dancing, block parties and some music.

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  1. Armed With a Loaded Footnote: How the Right Rationalizes Racial Disparity
    Drives the point home about using crime stats to deny black’s complaints tbout police.

    For instance, let’s say that in a given community, 90 percent of the violent crime is committed by black people, perhaps because the community is pretty much all black. And let’s say 90 percent of the people stopped by police in this community, on suspicion of having done something wrong are black, as are 90 percent of the people arrested, prosecuted and sent to jail from that community. According to conservative theory, these aggregate numbers would prove there had been no racism operating. But actually, those numbers could look exactly the same, whether there was no racism or complete racism.

    Just for the sake of argument, imagine that every cop in this neighborhood’s precinct was a bigot who targeted black people randomly for stops and frisks, without much or any reason to do so, based solely on their own bigotry, which they “justified” in their own minds by reference to aggregate data about crime rates. Obviously, at the individual, experiential level, those stops would involve racism. They would involve cops singling people out because they don’t like African Americans and/or perceive them all as interchangeable criminals. And those black people they single out would be innocent in almost every case. So the fact that other black people in the neighborhood were not innocent, would not change the fact that those who were stopped would have experienced a racialized injustice.

    By the same token, using conservative logic, virtually nothing Bull Connor’s police might have done to black folks in terms of disparate law enforcement in early 1960s Birmingham would have been racist either.

    Of course, all of this is now largely overshadowed by the two presidential race conventions. Here are the stories from those events, as pertains to race:

    Lopez: Elizabeth Warren Names Trump’s Racism for What It Is: A Political Weapon

    Here’s an old excerpt of Dog Whistle Politics, explaining in detail how the whole Southern Strategy worked:

    How the GOP became the “White Man’s Party”
    From Nixon to Rand, Republicans have banked on the unerring support of Southern white men. Here’s how it came to be

    O’Reilly and “slavery” comment:

    O’Reilly: Slaves Who Built White House Were “Well-Fed And Had Decent Lodgings Provided By The Government”
    Bill O’Reilly’s Reaction To Michelle Obama’s Convention Speech: “Michelle Obama Is Essentially Correct In Citing Slaves As Builders Of The White House, But There Were Others Working As Well”

    Bigotry, denial and the distortion of American history: Bill O’Reilly’s racist dreams of “well-fed” and happy black slaves
    Bill Reilly’s corrective to Michelle Obama’s speech is one of the most vile moments in his tenure at Fox News

    A couple of tweets that nail the point, exactly as I thought:



    Rush and the Slavery comment

    To add to the excellent point the female in the second video made regarding Trump, Rush himself said a few years ago that HE was NO LONGER “proud” of the nation! (Has he forgotten saying that?) At least Michelle went the other way, to being proud of it.

    And for his analogy of forgiving an unfaithful spouse, but then consistently bringing it up, if the spouse perhaps stopped outright adultery, but was still just flirting with others, and that was the context of which the jilted spouse brought up the issue, then you can’t say he is the one being wrong.

    Dear Ignorant Tools: Yes, Slaves Really Did Build The White House

  2. Yet another “objective” black spokesperson for “colorblindness”:

    While talking about “the ignored “facts” of the Michael Brown case, she doesn’t go into what they are. Apparently, shooting black males is OK, based on “facts”, which is the common assumption. After all, the police have and would never shoot them, unless they were a big threat.
    (And the “facts” are on their side, based purely on one professor and another student).

    So it’s the “condescending” liberals who are the real racists (with the “low expectations”), not the [skewed] “fact”-wielders who conclude [by pure inference] that black men are superhuman monsters, which has been the basis behind nearly all of these shootings.
    If that weren’t enough, notice the white supremacists are actually praised for “at least” being “honest”. And that’ still not all; the white supremacists are “preferred”!
    Hmmm… I wonder who’s behind this speech. What is this “PragerU” really all about? “Americanism”; “the fundamental values that shaped America”; “what makes America great”. We’ve heard all of that before. Like when Trump says those things, people are finally beginning to question and even name what it is; these “values” they’re trying to “get back”.

    And while it’s true that liberals can be patronizing or whatever, that’s still different from believing we should be dead. (And the conservatives here are continuing it, by playing upon it, regarding our “behavior” in the “riots”. Our “behavior” is forever on trial. Of course, only we “riot”; more below).
    The way the twisted reasoning goes, conservatives are doing us a favor by making us “equal” by “holding us up to the same standards as everyone else”. But when they keep killing us, then, it’s because WE as a whole aren’t behaving right. They’re not treating us differently; we’re the ones ACTing differently! Right away, in the comments, you get the stuff about the “pathology”, and us thinking we’re “owed” and want “special treatment”. (Notice, when addressing the liberals, the “different treatment” is INFERIOR, but when addressing us, it becomes revealed as really SUPERIOR treatment).
    So they’ve cleared themselves, in “treating us equal” (colorblind), but we then are the ones who “PROVE” that we are not equal through our [collective] “behavior”. In other words “equal treatment” for blacks is mistreatment, and even possibly death! And as always, the conservatives and the police are justified, and what can you do; they tried to help us, but we failed.

    This is what the “alt-right” will come out and say directly. Mainstream conservative “dog-whistlers”, try to prove the same things more INdirectly (And then the radicals condemn them for “cucking”; the “problem” should be named openly).
    So it’s the mainstream Right that is being the most dishonest, in operating off of far right ideology, but trying to hide it (and the alt-right can easily infiltrate the moderates, injecting the ultimate conclusion they are pointing to, in the form of “fact” that everyone can relate to).

    The FB post came with this preface:
    “When whites riot, the public rightly labels them as criminals. When blacks riot, the public considers them to be protesters with legitimate grievances. Is this different standard fair? Or is it an example of a new form of racism cloaked in low expectations?”

    But that’s not even true. (Notice, now we’ve gone beyond just a professor, or “liberals”; now we’ve suddenly jumped to the entire “public”!) But the “public” doesn’t even consider whites as ever rioting. (Like at those sports games). It’s not even called something else; it just doesn’t figure. Conservatives even play upon this, like with that DC biker rally meme they created. So then it’s like only blacks riot, and THEN it becomes the argument of whether it’s because of legitimate grievances or not.

    In other race news:

    Also, this is quite interesting:

  3. The Racket of Racism

    The Professor, the Cop, and the President
    After the “beer summit,” the fallacy of a post-racial America was over—and white citizens never thought of Barack Obama the same way again.

    2 Phrases That Won’t Heal Racial Divides: ‘Law and Order,’ ‘Stop-and-Frisk’
    By Jim Wallis 09-29-2016

    Obama: Even A Child Would Know Slavery Wasn’t Good For Black People
    Listen up, Trump.

    Why Does Right-Wing America Super-Hate President Obama?
    (things didn’t get worse under the Obama Administration. On the whole, they got better. A lot better.)

    Paul Krugman destroys the media myth that Trump voters have economic anxiety: It’s about race

    Even I, years ago, trying to believe we were basically “post-racial”, began echoing the “new-left” belief that economics had surpassed race as the main issue. But as has finally been revealed in recent years, the economic issue is nothing but a front, to blame blacks and defend “American exceptionalism”, from the truth of what it has done to the people.

    This is the very sort of “dog whistle” that is the primary defense of racism today; all masked under the banner of “colorblindness”. But notice how it’s construed to make blacks look bad and whites as noble (and the “facts” always in their favor).

    For one thing, it’s a white guy in both neighborhoods. Make it a black guy in an area where there are a lot of “angry conservatives” (like those Trump rally videos!), and I bet the “reception” would be even worse!

    To sum up the whole issue, the mission of BLM has been skewed by conservative stereotype and generalization (like taking every black “rioter” or other disturbance or someone saying hateful things about whites as a member of the movement).

    But the standard response to BLM is to basically suggest blacks as a whole have forfeited their right to not be killed by police because of black crime. It’s like because I just got shot by the criminal, I now should accept being shot by the cop who was supposed to be protecting me.

    My point, now; seeing some of the memes arguing this, under the very premise of adamantly denying racism, I have to wonder about a suggestion someone made, of whether it is really trolls making many of these memes. You wonder how anyone could really believe the contradictions they are making. So the mainstream conservatives eat it up, and then the left reacts, and maybe someone’s getting a big kick out of all of it. Or, maybe someone (whether the alt-right, or perhaps other forces using them) is trying to create a race war, which will allow them to take advantage of all the resulting chaos somehow.

  4. I Hate Police Brutality, Not the Police

    There are expectations we have for those choosing to put on that badge and that uniform:
    They are expected to defuse combustible situations, not exacerbate them.
    They are expected to use wisdom and restraint instead of emotionally exerting force.
    They are expected to withstand provocation without responding in kind.
    They are expected to be beyond prejudice and above biases that would deny another human being’s inherent worth.
    They are expected to uphold the civil rights of every person in their path equally, without caveat or condition or excuse.
    They are paid by American citizens (including citizens of color) to do this chosen work on behalf of the public who they are accountable to.

    And when they are off-duty, members of this diverse community can remove the badge and uniform and they can escape the hazards and the threats of their jobs, and live fully into their other “non-Blue identities”—that is, except for the black and brown police officers.

    They like (all people of color) can’t take off their skin to avoid the taunts that come with it, they can’t be undercover or off-duty or take a break from the demands of their difficult reality. They can’t step out of their pigmentation in order to sidestep the violence it brings every moment of every day. They are not black or brown at some portions of the day or some days of the week or when they clock in, which is why the supposed #BlueLivesMatter movement isn’t an equivalent advocacy of life in response to the call for people of color to be treated with dignity, it is an insult. It is a white excuse to avoid confronting discrimination against people of color, to distract from the difficult conversations, to deny the systemic sickness, and to stop all conversation.

    Here’s What’s Wrong With #BlueLivesMatter

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